English and Tagalog Filipino Language Tutor Alyxis from Richmond

English and Tagalog Filipino Language Tutor Alyxis from Richmond, BC
Name Alyxis D.
City Richmond, BC
Teaching English, Tagalog Filipino
Native Language Tagalog Filipino
Originally From Philippines
Lessons Take Place Learner's Home or Work, Online
Hourly Rate C$25

I am a resident in Canada but was born and raised in the Philippines. I used to volunteer a lot in high school in helping elementary kids with their homework and upcoming tests. Can also teach basic writing and speaking in English.

Education / Certificates

Started high school at MSU-IIT Integrated Developmental School in the Philippines, the best Science Curriculum school in the city then migrated to Canada and graduated hs from A.R. MacNeill Secondary School in Richmond, B.C.

I am currently in my last year of my BBA in Accounting and planning to take Legal Administrative Studies this coming Fall 2021. I am hoping to enter law school in the future.

Professional Experience

As I mentioned earlier, I had volunteered with tutoring kids. I am also working in McDonald's for over 3 years now and I experienced training a bunch of new hires for the year 2019-2020 before I was promoted as an Assistant Manager. I am experienced in getting along with different kinds of people every day speaking English.

Teaching Approach

I would assess them on how they usually learn and understand things and adjust to their needs. For elementary math, I am willing to have a mini-lecture using a whiteboard and pen for them to be able to understand better. I can also use or provide a copy of my old textbooks and workbooks back in elementary and high school.


I am available anytime on Wednesdays and Thursdays. As for the other days, I prefer mornings or 6 pm onwards depending on what day.

Teaching Place(s)

I am more willing to do online via skype or zoom since it's covid, it's gonna be safer. But if the clients would prefer in-person meetings then I could do it at their place (as long as I can easily access transportation) or wherever it's near for them and me.

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