Spanish Language Tutor Adriana from Victoria

Spanish Language Tutor Adriana from Victoria, BC
Name Adriana P. Recommended
City Victoria, BC
Teaching Spanish
Native Language Spanish
Originally From Colombia
Working With Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels I Teach Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Lessons Take Place My Home/Office, Online
Review Rating
Hourly Rate C$40

Bienvenido a COLOMBIA...your opportunity to learn the beautiful Spanish language awaits! I am fluent in both Spanish and English and am able to communicate in French. Offering private and semi-private Spanish lessons. I am also offering lessons online, and I will help you to set up your systems to make it work. This is a perfect time to learn Spanish and use your free time.

Education / Certificates

Former International Language student. Administrative Engineer, Management certificate with experience in finance, commerce and administration. Strong IT/computer skills and knowledge. Experienced and employed in accounting and bookkeeping.

Professional Experience

I have taught Spanish in both small-group and private formats for several years and take great pride in seeing my students progress in knowledge and confidence!

Teaching Approach

Personable, patient and organized. My teaching approach places an emphasis on proper Spanish grammar and conversation so that my students understand the structure of the language. You will find my lessons enjoyable, challenging and rewarding...hasta pronto!!


I am available weekdays working hours

Teaching Place(s)

To be arranged directly with the client and ONLINE!

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André M.

4 months ago

Adriana is a most excellent teacher. My wife Corinne and I find her to be very knowledgeable and friendly. Her classes are instructive and easy to follow. We really enjoy them and are very happy to continue with her. We would certainly recommend Adriana.

Fanny B.

4 months ago

Adriana is an excellent teacher, dynamic and very pedagogic! She can adapt her course if I ask her something in particular. Plus she speak French so she can do the translation in French and English! I love to learn speak Spanish with her!

Linda S.

Great learning environment
10 months ago

Adriana uses her own experience learning English to find innovative ways to teach Spanish language concepts. She is skillful at assessing and meeting individual student needs. I especially appreciate her down-to-earth approach, and her respectful, honest relationship with her students. We have a lot of fun in class and learn more because of it.


1 year ago

Adriana was so organized, professional, and easy to be with. I have a good baseline of Spanish and she helped me identify what I needed to do to help me keep improving. The homework she gave was just challenging enough that it insipired me to do it but did not overwhelm me. She would push me in class because she knew I could do it. Her confidence in me really helped me gain confidence in myself to speak on my recent trip to Chile. All of my family told me how much I improved since the last time they saw me. I always gave credit to Adriana! I would recommend her a thousand times over no matter what level you are at. This woman knows what she is doing!

Maggie M.

Mi maestra favorita
1 year ago

I feel so fortunate to have found Adriana. I like the structure she brings to each class and her focus on grammar. She has also managed to create a relaxed, fun atmosphere and is truly a warm, compassionate woman. She knows what it's like to learn another language and understands the challenges. I'm grateful for Adriana's teaching and I'm progressing in spanish which has been a goal of mine for a very long time. I'm so glad I finally connected with her.

Grace L.

Enthusiastic, Fun and Caring Teacher
1 year ago

I am so glad that I found Adriana via language tutor! She is so enthusiastic and patient towards her students :)! Also, she makes tea for her students and plays Spanish music during the lessons so you feel relaxed and comfortable. If you are looking for a Spanish teacher in Victoria, BC, I would totally recommend Adriana !


1 year ago

Adriana is a very warm person who knows how to teach! I only spent a short time with her before travelling to Spain, but she had a great understanding of my level of patchy Spanish and was able to tailor her teaching to my needs. She also helped fill in a lot of gaps in my knowledge about grammar which has been very useful (and created lots of a-ha! moments for me). I would definitely recommend her. Thanks Adriana!

Gillian A.

Fantastic for advanced student!
1 year ago

I asked Adriana for help reviewing my Spanish for work in Latin America and couldn’t have found a better teacher. I have worked in Spanish and am at an advanced level. She helped me work on improving things to be able to work professionally in Spanish and was generous with her time, knowledgeable, and encouraging. Highly recommend her teaching!

Jill G.

Amazing! Friendly, patient, and knowledgeable
1 year ago

Wonderful tutor and now friend. I can’t say enough good things about Adriana. Knowledgeable, patient, encouraging, as well as generous with her time. I was sad to move away in part because I couldn’t continue my lessons with her. Highly recommend her!

Diane M.

Very good
2 years ago

Adriana was always prepared and willing to adjust to my needs. Both grammar and conversation were taught. She sent me lessons and stories as well over the Internet .She really encouraged me and I will be continuing with her when I return from my trip to South America.

Lisa Y.
Lisa Y.

Beyond amazing !!!!
2 years ago

I am advanced student and I am learning so many cool tricks that make spanish easier to learn ! Adriana is amazing! I adore her and I’m learning lots from her. She is super-kind and challenges me and she is very encouraging. She explains things very well and has a kind way of explaining the grammar concepts. I couldn’t ask for a better tutor ! Lisa

Happy C.
Happy C.

2 years ago

Adriana is from Columbia and is very proficient in English. She is an engineer by proffesion. Her grammatical use of Spanish is as good as her perfect accent. She is a joy to work with and has unlimited patience which she needs with me. Adriana loves her mother tongue and loves to share it!!! Highly recommend Happy C

William M.
Excellent instruction by a caring person!
2 years ago

Time spent with Adriana is a joy! She was meant to be a teacher. Adriana presents the Spanish langue clearly--and guides you along a great learning path. I recommend Adriana highly--anyone will benefit from her teaching.

Cathy H.
Great technique, well planned lessons. Fun.
2 years ago

Great personality that makes learning fun, well planned lessons, great ear for helping with each persons struggles with pronounciation. Fluent, helpful, friendly, i would highly recommend.

Yasmin V.
The Best!
2 years ago

I have learned SO much from Adriana over the years. She starts with the essential basics and ensures that you have a solid grasp of things before moving on. I appreciate the pace at which she teaches and the care she puts into the needs of each separate student and his or her learning style. She is extremely patient and knowledgeable. I have loved every minute of my Spanish lessons with her. If I was more diligent in doing my homework, I would be more advanced at this point because of her teachings and her desire to have her students be fluent and be able to have conversations. I can't say enough good things about her!!

David W.
2 years ago

Adriana is dedicated to her students and the art of language. She thoroughly prepares for each and every lesson and, as a result, her classes are challenging, yet rewarding. She welcomes all questions you may have and provides clear and concise explanations. A true teaching professional of Spanish grammar, structure and conversation!

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