Sackville Mandarin Chinese Language Tutor Leiming

Mandarin Chinese Language Tutor Leiming from Sackville, NB
Name Leiming X.
City Sackville, NB
Teaching Mandarin Chinese
Native Language Mandarin Chinese
Lessons Take Place Locally
Hourly Rate C$25

Teacher of Xi'an University (China). National Mandarin Chinese Proficiency Test:First class-second level (1B). China Teacher's Qalification License

Education / Certificates
Auto Engineering bachelor, Changan University, China Economy master, Northwest University, China
Professional Experience
Teacher of Commerce faculty of Xi'an University. Mandarin Chinese Training officer for high school teachers in Changan district Xi'an City China.
Teaching Approach
Mainly Interactive teaching, plus singing,painting,calligraphy and documentary films.
Saturday from 9am-5pm. Other date should be confirmed
Teaching Place(s)
At client's choice
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