Westchester Turkish Language Tutor Kutay

Turkish Language Tutor Kutay from Westchester, NY
Name Kutay A.
City Westchester, NY
Teaching Turkish
Native Language Turkish
Lessons Take Place Locally
Hourly Rate $25

Native language is Turkish. Have lived most of my life in the United States so I am fluent in English as well. Have no difficulty translating between the languages. Have tutored in the local public library. I am a student in my third year at Hunter College.

Education / Certificates
Graduated Ossining High School. Currently a junior at Hunter College.
Professional Experience
Have earned $20/hour tutoring the local middle school and high school students in Ossining, Westchester in Turkish and Math.
Teaching Approach
One method I use in order for the students to clearly pronounce the word is spell the Turkish word out as if it were an English word. This is only for special letters in the Turkish alphabet that are not in the English alphabet. (E.g.-Çok chok). However, if the students learn the alphabet, they can pronounce any word because Turkish is read like its written.
In the summer, I am available any day. After September, only Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. However much more preferable on the weekends.
Teaching Place(s)
Westchester or New York City.
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