Victoria Italian, Latin and Greek Language Tutor Ylenia

Italian Language Tutor Ylenia from Victoria, BC
Name Ylenia R.Recommended
City Victoria, BC
Teaching Italian, Latin, Greek
Native Language Italian
Originally From Italy
Working With Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Lessons Take Place Locally
Hourly Rate C$40

i'm italian native with 5 years specializing in classical studies and literatures.

Education / Certificates
High school diploma in classical studies.
Professional Experience
I have experience with teaching to kids that needed help with homeworks while attending private schools to learn italian, adults who wanted to learn italian for travelling, for work, for fun and peaople who wanted to improve some old skills. I've also thaught to seniors who want to discover new languages. I've helped university students with latin and ancient greek courses to improve and understand better what they were learning in school.
Teaching Approach
it depends on the singular case and the requirements. I usually like to meet priorly the person who wants to have the lessons and this helps me to understand what are usually their goals, their starting level and after this preliminary meeting I will set a proper method. In any case I try to suggest using a textbooks to work with. I have different titles, depending on the level and/or age.
I could adapt myself with every student's needing and i'm flexible with the time.
Teaching Place(s)
Anywhere is convenient for the student. I live and work downtown.
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