Moncton Latin, Greek and French Language Tutor Kevin

Latin Language Tutor Kevin from Moncton, NB
Name Kevin P.
City Moncton, NB
Teaching Latin, Greek, French
Native Language English
Lessons Take Place Locally, Online
Hourly Rate C$45

I am an Native English speaker who also grew up speaking French. I became interested in languages in my 20's. I have earned both a BA and MA in Greek, Latin and Medieval Philosophy.

Education / Certificates
BA - Greek, Latin and Ancient History MA - Greek Literature (Homer) and Medieval and Neo-Platonic Philosophy (Augustine, Anselm, Plotinus, Proclus, Iamblicus, Bonaventure, and Aquinas)
Professional Experience
I have taught all levels including elementary, Middle, High School and university level. I have 4 years professional teaching experience and have tutored in Latin and Greek extensively in groups and on on one.
Teaching Approach
I believe in the Trivium model of education and also multiple Intelligences..
I am flexible and can adapt to the student's schedule and availability.
Teaching Place(s)
At my home in Moncton or Skype or some other venue for online instruction.
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