Slovak Language Tutor Andrea from Toronto

Slovak Language Tutor Andrea from Toronto, ON
Name Andrea D.
City Toronto, ON
Teaching Slovak
Native Language Slovak
Originally From Slovakia
Working With Youth, Adults
Levels I Teach Intermediate, Advanced
Lessons Take Place My Home/Office, Public Place, Online
Hourly Rate C$25

I am a young professional working at a private college. I am of a calm and positive nature. I relocated to Canada 3 years ago after I fell in love with the people and city of Toronto. I wish I could spread the beautiful Slovak language and our culture with people wishing to learn.

Education / Certificates
No related education
Professional Experience
Mentored a team while working as a team lead in market research, not an easy job to explain statistics
Teaching Approach
Dependable on the level of the student and the outcome they wish to achieve. Basics are important but we want to get you out there talking to people.
Weekdays evenings, weekends all day
Teaching Place(s)
I prefer to meet in a pleasant environment that will be comfortable for the student but also stimulate the conversational part of the lessons.
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