English Language Tutor Jeanette from Victoria

English Language Tutor Jeanette from Victoria, BC
Name Jeanette M. Recommended
City Victoria, BC
Teaching English
Native Language English
Originally From United States
Working With Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels I Teach Intermediate, Advanced
Lessons Take Place My Home/Office, Learner's Home or Work, Public Place, Online
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Hourly Rate C$45

A certified TESOL/ESL teacher since 2011, I have 8+ years experience as a tutor/teacher to young adults and adults in France and Canada. My speciality is "English for Specific Purposes." I will custom design a course for you based on your particular goals: business, professional or academic advancement, or fluency for daily life; you decide your priorities.  My services include preparation for English language proficiency examinations, as well as editing/proofreading documents. I tutor students 16 years of age and up, originating from many linguistic backgrounds: Mexican, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Dutch, and others.   With a few exceptions, all class materials are supplied. A discount of up to 8% is possible with a commitment to 10 lessons. The first class is free.

Education / Certificates

University Degree, English. TESOL Certificate from Vancouver Community College, 2011.

Professional Experience

Private one-on-one tutoring for 6 years in France. For 5 years, taught fluency in English at IPSA Toulouse, an aeronautical engineering college. Volunteered as an English language tutor for new Canadians with the Cowichan Intercultural Society.

Teaching Approach

My approach is centred on the student. After a general levels and pronunciation assessment, I collaborate with the student to establish the most immediate priorities. We take it from there. If the student is willing to make a longterm commitment, I will develop a longterm lesson plan strategy for that student.


My time is flexible; I can adapt our lesson time to your schedule.

Until the Covid-19 crisis is over, I'm meeting with my students online only, but with the understanding that later we may switch to in-person classes if the student would prefer it. 

Teaching Place(s)

The location of classes is negotiable.

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Donghao G.

An Amazing Tutor!
6 months ago

I have had some amazing learning experiences with Jeanette. Her classes are calm and chill, while she guides me through the difficulties I had. Overall, she is an amazing English Tutor that I would totally recommend.


Best English teacher I've ever met
6 months ago

I met Jeanette when I lost my confidence in my English after moving to Canada. English used by native speakers was different from English that I used to use with non-English native speakers at work and it made me timid and demotivated. At that time I was unsure if I was a right person to work here. Jeneatte's way of teaching English was different from other teachers in my home country. She was good at identifying what I needed to improve and she listened to my needs very carefully. She is a very passionate and professional teacher. Also, she is a very kind and nice person. The thing that I like most is her effort to prepare every class. She always prepares materials only for me and she spends a lot of time searching topics/articles that are relevant to my job or will be useful for me. I've taken about 40 classes so far and I got back my confidence. I've never been bored of her class over one year. I highly recommend her!

Eileen B.

1 year ago

I took English class with Jeanette and it was a really good time. Jeanette is a very patient and friendly teacher. I really had a good time during classes. She is a very organized teacher and every class she is always ready. I totally recommend Jeannette as a tutor.

Ylenia R.

Amazing English Tutoring!!
1 year ago

I took English class with Jeanette and will continue after an practice break. Jeanette is a very serious but friendly tutor also. I really had a good time during classes. My favorite one is the class with british tea time. We laught so much during courses. It was just amazing. As I am high level politician from my country, professor at university, she let me asked questions and explained my ideas and my opinion. She was listen and correct me with delicatess in regard of pronounciation and grammar which was our focus. I recommend my tutor and become friend Jeanette if you want to learn English in different way. See you soon dear Jeanette!

2 years ago

It was a great challenge for me to speak english and to be graduated from the TOEIC. Jeanette gave me all the assets to succeed. TOEIC : 875 /990 ! Thanks to Jeannette I was able to enroll in a business school and change my future! She is really kind and patient and a really interesting person. I recommend you Jeanette if you want to learn english!

Mathilde L.
Professional & excellent teacher
2 years ago

I took English classes with Jeanette before taking an exam (TOEIC) and before going to Australia. It was for me very rewarding, and it helped me a lot to get ready ! As I am French, I had some difficulties with pronunciation and we focused on my weaknesses. Jeanette is a very attentive teacher, she always took in consideration my needs and my wishes. She prepared all the lessons rigorously and supplied all class materials. She made every classes sound different by bringing new topics which were very interesting and relevant. I enjoyed my classes a lot and I really had good time learning English ! I would definitely recommend.

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