Vancouver Spanish and Portuguese Language Tutor Fabricio

Spanish Language Tutor Fabricio from Vancouver, BC
Name Fabricio T.Recommended
City Vancouver, BC
Teaching Spanish, Portuguese
Native Language Spanish, Portuguese
Originally From Argentina
Working With Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Lessons Take Place Locally, Online
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Hourly Rate C$50

Spanish-Portuguese native speaker and University teacher, trained in modern languages and cultures in Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Barcelona and Paris, landed in Vancouver three years ago.

Education / Certificates
B.A. Comparative Literature, Universitat de Barcelona. — BA Hispanic Studies, Universitat de Barcelona — M.A. Littérature, Histoire, Société, Univ. de Paris 7 — PhD Candidate. Hispanic Studies, University of British Columbia.
Professional Experience
During the last three years, I've been teaching Spanish in the University of British Columbia to groups up to 35 students. At the same time, I have been tutoring individual students and teaching different levels of Spanish and Portuguese to groups at International House and the Mount Pleasant Community Centre.
Teaching Approach
I usually approach language teaching through movement, images, metaphors, communicative strategies, always enhancing target language exposure as much as possible and relying heavily on student's participation. I can help you achieve your goals and turn Spanish or Portuguese into a great learning experience!
I am flexible and can usually meet your needs and schedule but I do have a 12 hours cancellation policy.
Teaching Place(s)
I could go to your place or wherever is convenient for you. For outside UBC Campus or Downtown area and for small and medium groups rate may increase.
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Nadia L.

Perfect for Advanced Spanish lessons
4 months ago

Fabricio has taught Spanish to my daughter for a year. She's quite advanced, reading Spanish literature in High School. Fabricio worked with her on grammar and vocabulary to get her as close to fluent as possible but he also has the knowledge and sophistication of a professor in his literature discussions. He worked with her to understand complex writers e.g. Federico Garcia Lorca or Gabriel G. Marquez and texts with older-style language, and writing essays and long form reports. Highly Recommended

Allan B.

5 months ago

Fabricio is both an excellent teacher and pleasant to work with. My wife and I worked with him to get some basic Spanish before a trip, as well as conversational Portuguese. Fabricio is very organized, and will provide as much teaching material as you need, either printed or online. He came to our house, which made everything easy.

Sue R.

Great Instructional Approach
6 months ago

Fabrico provided an excellent approach to learning Spanish. By talking about daily activities and choosing A-Z topics, I was able to really progress my conversational spanish for the types of real-world conversations I have in my daily life. Very easy to talk to and learn from. Highly recommend him for your spanish learning.

Philippe P.
Great service
6 months ago

Fabricio is a dedicated, educated, competent spanish teacher perfect for self-paced one-on-one courses.

Laurie T.
El mejorísimo
6 months ago

Fab tutored me throughout my second year of Spanish-language instruction at UBC. He was fantastic! Not that he’d tell you, but that’s probably because he speaks, I want to say, five languages, one of which is Russian. The guy’s a consummate polymath—and a wonderful teacher. I’d highly recommend his services to anyone wanting to master Spanish (and Catalan), Portuguese, French—even English.

Roshak M.

6 months ago

I had the pleasure of being tutored for Spanish by Fabricio for several months. I previously had spent ~2 years attempting to learn Spanish by myself — to little success. The classes with Fabri, focusing on conversational ability, greatly improved the trajectory of my Spanish learning. Best of all, the classes provided me with the confidence to use Spanish as much as possible without apprehension.

Carla G.

6 months ago

I have really appreciated and benefited from my lessons with Fabricio. He makes our time together interesting and instructive. He has a solid lesson plan for our time together and encourages conversation on a wide range of topics. I would recommend without reservation.


Excellent teacher ever
6 months ago

I started Spainsh with Zero, and learned a lot from Fabricio. He is very patient and knowledged. I even learned a bit English from him, made my time and money worthy. Highly recommended for everyone who wants to learn Spanish. Kate

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