Kelowna English Language Tutor Ian

English Language Tutor Ian from Kelowna, BC
Name Ian B.
City Kelowna, BC
Teaching English
Native Language English
Lessons Take Place Locally
Hourly Rate C$30

Native english speaker from Ireland living in Kelowna. Completed 120 hour online TESOL certification from in 2012 and have been tutoring privately since. I haven't practised in some time and am looking to get back into it as I really enjoy the experience.

Education / Certificates
120 hour tesol certificate Bachelors degrees in International Business and Marketing, European Business
Professional Experience
Private lessons for over 3 years (part-time)
Teaching Approach
I like to use real world examples and conversation primarily while also using whatever aides are provided. My expertise lies in making the students feel comfortable and find that they are more susceptible to learning that way.
I am flexible and can adapt to the student's schedule
Teaching Place(s)
At my home, in theirs, in public. Wherever the student is most comfortable
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