Victoria Russian and English Language Tutor Elena

Russian Language Tutor Elena from Victoria, BC
Name Elena P.Recommended
City Victoria, BC
Teaching Russian, English
Native Language Russian
Originally From Russia
Lessons Take Place Locally, Online
Review Rating
Hourly Rate C$35

I was teaching ESL, EFL, LPI, Russian and German. I understand all Slavic languages. Learning and teaching foreign languages is very challenging and very exciting! Foreign languages are my big passion, profession and hobby! I provide my students with a comprehensive learning experience that helps them to develop their full linguistic potential. Also, I try to make the learning process fun so that my students enjoy a new language and look forward to their lessons each week!

Education / Certificates
University of Toronto University of Foreign Languages, Gorky (now N. Novgorod), Russia
Professional Experience
15 year of teaching in Russia, Israel and Canada
Teaching Approach
1. Determing the students needs according to their age and background and accommodation of those needs. 2. Integration of language skills, thinking skills, and content knowledge. 3. Encouragement of creativity and discovery 4. Classroom management 5. Visual, kinetic, oral, written exercises
Any day of the week
Teaching Place(s)
Either at my home or at a student's place if it is accessible by bus, or online. The preferred place is the Central Library on Broughton St. Other locations are also considered. For lessons at a student's place, I will charge extra $5.
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Karin D.

Edifying and enjoyable!
1 year ago

Elena has been my Russian language tutor for some time now. We share a love of Russian literature, and especially Anton Chekov. As well as teaching me drills, case endings, and basic vocabulary; the practical matters of language study, Elena quickly identified my specific interests, and has found a creative way to incorporate Chekov’s writing into my grammar study. I appreciate her teaching insight and adaptability, and my classes have been most edifying and enjoyable. I would highly recommend this tutor to any potential student.

Victoria S.

Highly Recommended!
1 year ago

Elena is my current tutor for Russian language. She is a good listener and could gauge my level of Russian very well, making classes conversation-based and teaching me relevant vocabulary. You can tell she truly cares about her students and language immersion as she was willing to answer my questions outside of lessons : providing simple and clear explanations and examples. I always enjoyed our lessons as she had a knack for making them engaging and fun! I would highly recommend her as a tutor!

Cynthia R.

Exceeding my expectation
2 years ago

I confirm that Elena is being a tutor of my son on the autism spectrum since March 2016 to the present day.On her job as a tutor she is responsible for assisting my son in improving academic achievements, clarifying learning problems and working on his learning skills. Elena is exceeding my expectation. She has not only helped my son achieve the academic goals we set for him but she has also made him enjoy the process. In addition, she is always willing to go a step further to reach improvements. I will happily re-employ Elena as I consider her a key point in our son’s academic development.

Sachi D.

Great Tutor and Wonderful Person!
2 years ago

I had the pleasure being Elena’s student this summer, where she gave me weekly tutoring sessions on Russian. From the very first session she had great lesson plans set up, and was very quick to grasp my level of Russian. I always felt that she knew where I was struggling and where I was succeeding, even without telling her. I have had a lot of language tutors and she is by far the best one I have had. In our lessons we learned about grammar, idioms, poetry, literature, culture and more, all while having a huge emphasis on speaking, which tends not to be focused on enough in lessons on language. Whether I had practiced a lot or a little, or completed my homework, she was always willing to make quick arrangements to the schedule plan. On top of everything, I looked forward to seeing her every week. She cared for me so much, and grew my confidence not just in my language skills but also in myself. She has a lot of knowledge in my areas outside of teaching and language, and is passionate about making people love language just as much as she does. She never missed a tutoring session, always showed up early and never worried about going over time during our sessions because she was just so excited about what she was teaching! I am very glad to have her as a contact as I continue to learn Russian.

Sun Ja B.

3 years ago

Elena has been an incredible tutor for my daughter since May, 2015. She brings dedication and enthusiasm to every lesson and her very organized and integrative teaching method decreases the difficulties of learning a language. She excels at knowing her students' goals and abilities, and is therefore able to motivate students, as well as take an individualized approach to teaching. My daughter and I would like to recommend her for people, who want to learn Russian.

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