Kelowna English Language Tutor Ian

English Language Tutor Ian from Kelowna, BC
Name Ian B.
City Kelowna, BC
Teaching English
Native Language English
Lessons Take Place Locally
Hourly Rate C$40

I`m a native English speaker. I have an MA in Linguistics and have been teaching ESL for over 15 years.

Education / Certificates
Master`s Degree in Linguistics
Professional Experience
I taught at English cram schools in Taiwan for 10 years, then at Bao-Ren Elementary School for 5 years. This was followed by Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science for 1 year.
Teaching Approach
I provide custom lessons that match the needs of the student.
I`m free Monday to Friday 9AM to 8PM
Teaching Place(s)
At my home, the client`s home, or a neutral meeting place.
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