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Languages French Russian Uzbek

Stephanie L. Recommended

I am a native French speaker born and raised in France passionate about languages and communication. I have been teaching French online since 2015 and I have students all over the world. I really take pleasure in doing it. I have lived in Canada for over 10 years, and as a self-taught language learner, I easily understand the challenges you have to go through to learn a foreign language.

Genève, Switzerland & Online French (n) FR
Not available in-person meetings from 3 to 16 August.
Learner's Home, Public Place
Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Kids (9y+), Youth, Adults

Fari K.

I am Farida, originally from Uzbekistan. I've been teaching French for more than two years. I'm not a native French speaker, but believe me I know all difficulties you will pass and I'm here to help. If you have been planning to learn a new language, a new culture and you need some help don't hesitate. I will do my best for you! see you soon. 

Genève, Switzerland & Online Uzbek (n), French, Russian UZ
My Home/Office
Beginners, Intermediate
Kids, Youth, Adults
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