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Are you a foreign language native speaker or a professional language teacher? Earn some extra income by tutoring a language part-time, either in your local city/town or online. Tutoring experience is preferred, but not required, as many learners are just looking for conversation practice or need to pick up the basics of a language for travel.

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Upon submission, your application will be reviewed within next 24 hours. Once it's approved, you will receive a confirmation to your e-mail address, and your tutoring profile will appear online in related location and language categories of The hourly rate shown on the will include your requested hourly rate + our marketing fees (usually 5/hr in selected currency, e.g., $5/hr). When a potential client shows an interest in your services, we will e-mail you his/her tutoring request with other necessary details. You will deal with clients / learners completely independently and in your own name and will be paid by them direcly. Our fees are due at the end of each calendar month where you have lessons and are based on the total number of actual paid tutoring hours you had with the clients referred to you via the service during the month. E.g., if you charge in $ and had 5hrs of paid lessons with clients referred via, our monthly fee would be 5x$5=$25. For more information about our business workflow, status update requirements, monthly hours reporting, payment options, etc, please visit Details, Terms & Conditions for Tutors .

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Private Language Tutoring

Language tutoring is an exciting and rewarding opportunity. Private language tutors enjoy a high level of respect in community, competitive hourly rates and flexible hours. They may choose to teach at their place, at some public settings, at a student home or online. They play a huge role in helping their students learn a foreign language and meet their language goals.

We are always looking to expand our coverage and interested in new local independent language tutors of Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin Chineese, Japanese and many other languages accross Canada, in other countries around the world and online.

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