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Anna L.

A passionate teacher who has been teaching Chinese mandarin for 20 years in middle school and university. Teach you speak Chinese Madarin in 5 minutes , more fun and more activities .

Kelowna, BC | Mandarin Chinese (n) | Rate C$35

My Home/Office, Learner's Home
Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups
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Guclu D.

Turkish native speaker having Italıain Language and Literature Bachelor degree and Business Administration Diploma degree.

Kelowna, BC & Online | Turkish (n), Italian, English | Rate C$40

Beginners, Intermediate
Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups
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Marta J.

Czech native language speaks, tutoring over 30 years.

Kelowna, BC | Czech (n) | Rate C$35

My Home/Office
Kids, Youth, Adults

Erika O.

French native speaker, currently in University, open to teach kids my first language.

Kelowna, BC & Online | French (n) | Rate C$30

Learner's Home

Joan K.

- To be a support for students learning English - To give students the knowledge and skills to move within the language and culture of English while still maintaining and honouring their own language and culture. To build trust between student and tutor so students can gain confidence in their abilities and use of the language - To be a guide for the student to increase comprehension, vocabulary and verbal skills

Kelowna, BC | English (n) | Rate C$40

Kids, Youth, Adults

Poosheela (Padminnie) P.

French and creole native speaker with university Masters degree and nine years of teaching experience.

Kelowna, BC | French (n) | Rate C$35

Ian B.

I`m a native English speaker. I have an MA in Linguistics and have been teaching ESL for over 15 years.

Kelowna, BC | English (n) | Rate C$40

Eddy U.

I have been going to Turkey on and off for 15 of Turkish decent but I was born here...pretty fluent in Turkish like most of the things if they are translate able I can do it

Kelowna, BC | Turkish | Rate C$25

Ian B.

Native english speaker from Ireland living in Kelowna. Completed 120 hour online TESOL certification from in 2012 and have been tutoring privately since. I haven't practised in some time and am looking to get back into it as I really enjoy the experience.

Kelowna, BC | English (n) | Rate C$30

Eric Y.

Korean native speaker with Canadian citizenship and many experiences working with people.

Kelowna, BC | Korean (n) | Rate C$30

Svetlana M.

Russian native speaker with university degree in Eng/Rus, Rus/Eng translation/interpretation. I have some tutoring experience and I also taught English to the college students at my university.

Kelowna, BC | English | Rate C$40

Homa N.

Persian, born in Canada with a University degree major in history, minor in English, also have a CEA certificate. Can speak English and Farsi fluently and French reading and writing and speaking partially, working for the school district for 4 years and working in tutoring English and French grades k-4 setting for over 2 years.

Kelowna, BC | English | Rate C$30

Pavel P.

Czech native speaker with master's degree. Not many experiences with teching yet.

Kelowna, BC | Czech (n) | Rate C$30

Trent C.

I’m a 48 year old gentleman with a willingness and passion to help others. Although I have no formal training I feel that I’m a perfect stepping stone in the quest for learning!

Kelowna, BC & Online | English (n) | Rate C$25


Aydan E.

Turkish native speaker with university degree, I had worked as a physics teacher in my country for about 23 years, I have been living in Kelowna.

Kelowna, BC & Online | Turkish (n) | Rate C$25

My Home/Office, Public Place
Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Kids, Adults
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