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Jocelyne D.

Arabic native speaker with over 20 years of experience in teaching Arabic as a second and third language to non-Arabic students. Fluent in English as well.

Laval, QC & Online | Arabic (n) | Rate C$33

Learner's Work, Public Place
Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Kids, Adults, Groups
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Rosana N.

Born in Uruguay, moved to Canada when I was 8, studied in French but also speak perfect English, I am a driving teacher and also teach in 3 languages

Laval, QC | Spanish (n), French, English | Rate C$22

My Home/Office
Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups
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Stefano Andreas D.

Spanish native speaker with experience as an English teacher in Chile, currently learning french in Quebec, translator, interpreter English - Spanish - Spanish- English.

Laval, QC & Online | English | Rate C$20

Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups

Nadine B.

Strong knowledge and experience in teaching French as a second, foreign and native language (15 years). General and corporate, beginner to advanced, private and group classes. Arabic: native language French and English: advanced I

Montreal, Saint-Laurent, Laval, QC | French | Rate C$40

Donato C.

Italian native speaker with Superior school degree and two years teaching in Italian Saturday school in Quebec. Actually retired, .I am an Accountant with also a degree in Music.Speaking fluent French and English.

Laval, QC & Online | Italian (n) | Rate C$35

Adults, Groups

Tarek Y.

Egyptian native speaker with a uni. degree

Laval, QC & Online | Arabic (n) | Rate C$15

Kids, Youth

Alfred B.

Born in Lebanon I speak and read classic Arabic and Lebanese. Capable of teaching Syrian and Egyptian dialect. As for the french it is my first language too learned at home and at school and university.

Laval, QC & Online | Arabic (n), French | Rate C$55

Youth, Adults, Groups

Gabriel G.

I am a Spanish native speaker with five years experience in teaching I have a master degree in Management but I used to teach.

Laval, QC | Spanish (n) | Rate C$30

Skania G.

Born and bred in Canada, I am a native English speaker,have been teaching English in Europe for a little over 20 years and upon returning to Canada , I have begun teaching English via phone sessions

Laval, QC | English | Rate C$30

Mia P.

Currently in my 3rd field experience, on my way to becoming an ESL teacher. I have a bilingual certificate (English & French). I also speak Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, and can write at a beginner's level.

Laval, QC | English (n) | Rate C$25

Helen V.

Certified educator with 5 tees of teaching English as a second language in tutoring centres, classrooms and corporate settings.

Laval, QC | English | Rate C$30

Rima E.

Turkish native speaker with native-like proficiency in English. Residence and schooling for: 8 years in Germany, 3,5 years in Spain, 18 credits from University of Alicante for taking intensive Spanish classes, 10 years in Canada, qualified TESL teacher with over 10 years of tutoring experience. **I can teach in English, German, Spanish and Turkish.

Laval, QC | English, Spanish | Rate C$35

Paula L.

Portuguese native speaker, studying adult learning. I love teaching and foreign languages are my passion!

Laval, QC & Online | Portuguese (n) | Rate C$25

Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Adults, Groups

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