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Elena L.

A Russian native speaker with a University degree and 1 year of tutoring experience. I prefer to give live language with lots of dialogs, speaking exercises and conversational practice. I like when my students learn Russian with pleasure and good motivation. If you want to read The Master and Margarita join my lessons and we will manage it together!

Moscow, Russia & Online Russian (n)
Beginners, Intermediate
Youth, Adults

Anastasia M.

I am a russian native speaker, have a degree in pedagogy (English, french teacher). I’d love to work in another country teaching Russian or English languages. I have an experience working as a tutor with kids.

Moscow, Russia & Online English
My Home/Office, Public Place
Intermediate, Advanced
Kids, Adults

Olga P.

Russian native teacher with a University degree and more than 5 years experience.

Mytishchi, Moscow, Russia & Online Russian (n)
My Home/Office, Learner's Home or Work
Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Kids (12y+), Youth, Adults, Groups

Anastasia B.

Russian native speaker with a University bachelor's degree in linguistics and 3 years of tutoring experience.

Online & Moscow, Russia Russian (n)
Beginners, Intermediate
Youth, Adults

Vladislav M.

Hello! My name is Vladislav and I'm the Russian native speaker. You can take this lessons if you want practice. I know English a little bit (Upper-Intermediate). So, I am able to maintain the dialogue with you. My difference from everyone is that I'm really interested in you learning to speak - to make you understand when you speak, because this is the main meaning of the language!

Moscow, Russia & Online English
My Home/Office
Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups

Harry A.

Hey, I can only teach in English so that would be a great opportunity to try to learn it as natives do , I can offer help in most aspects and I try my best to improve the level of English specially in speaking.

Moscow, Russia English
Learner's Home or Work, Public Place
Intermediate, Advanced
Youth, Adults
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