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Georgia V.

I am a Greek English bilingual with a Bachelor's degree in English and English Language Teaching.

Long Beach, CA | Greek (n), English | Rate $30

Georgia V.

I am bilingual in Greek and English. I was born in California and have lived in Greece for 8 years. I studied English as a second language teaching from the University of Greenwich but took classes at New York College, in Athens, Greece. Currently, I am teaching Greek to third and fourth graders at my church.

Long Beach, CA | Greek | Rate $40

Hassan S.

Marhaba!..Arabic native speaker of lebanese origin with a bachelor's degree and little tutoring experience. People oriented.

Long Beach, CA | Arabic (n) | Rate $20

Elham K.

Persian native speaker with 3 years experience teaching both English to second language speakers and Persian as a foreign language.

Long Beach, CA | Persian (n) | Rate $25

Anastasiya T.

Russian native speaker with a university degree and two years of tutoring the English language

Long Beach, CA | Russian (n) | Rate $35

Armine B.

Armenian native speaker, Russian native speaker.

Long Beach, CA | Russian | Rate $35

Saniya M.

Russian Native Speaker, with Bachelors Degree on Business and Marketing

Long Beach, CA | Russian (n) | Rate $30

Kallin F.

I'm Chinese native speaker, graduated from Shanghai Normal University with the bachelor degree of Chinese literature. Besides, I Also have Certificates of Accreditation in teaching Chinese as a second language from The International Society of Chinese Language Pedagogy and USACLE(The United States Association of Chinese Language Education)

Long Beach, CA | Mandarin Chinese (n) | Rate $40

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