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Alessandra S.

I am a university educated, native Italian/English speaker, with over 18 years of language teaching experience, including work in international language schools. Having learned Italian and English simultaneously as a child, I possess native proficiency in both languages, allowing for excellent comprehension of (and ability to explain/translate) idioms, colloquialisms, and language nuances to help students converse more naturally. I will help you build a strong foundation and get you speaking!

Chicago, IL & Online Italian (n), English (n)
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Learner's Home or Work, Public Place
Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Youth, Adults, Groups

Jeanette H.

I am a French-American bilingual speaker with eight years of tutoring experience in the Chicago Loop. I also work as a freelance translator. I specialize in adult learners and speak English, French and Spanish.

Chicago, IL & Online French

Chumei P.

Mandarin Chinese native speaker with 10 years of Chinese tutoring and I have a BA degree.

Chicago, IL & Online Mandarin Chinese (n) TW
Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups

Oiuna B.

Russian native speaker with University degree, lived in China for 6 years and have experience in teaching Russian

Chicago, IL Russian (n), Mandarin Chinese

Giulia A.

I am an Italian native speaker and I think that the best way to learn a foreign language is to talk with a native speaker.

Chicago, IL Italian (n)

Claire L.

I am a French native speaker, with a university master degree, and two years of teaching experience.

Chicago, IL French (n), Spanish

Diana D.

I'm a Russian native speaker with a bachelors degree. I used to tutor students in English and tutored foreigners who studied Russian back in Russia.

Chicago, IL Russian (n)

Tomas L.

Bilingual (English-Spanish) instructor with a degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, with advanced fluency in Portuguese and 5 years experience teaching ESL to students and 2 years experience teaching Spanish (1-1 & small groups).

Chicago, IL English (n), Spanish

Pavel K.

Enthusiastic, bilingual lecturer of char of philosophy with 5 years teaching at the university.Focused on developing a positive rapport with all students through effective communication and culturally-sensitive curricula.

Chicago, IL Russian (n)

Salma G.

Arabic native speaker currently finishing a bachelors degree in International studies. Background in French language at both high school and university levels.

Chicago, IL Arabic (n)

Abhishek B.

I have teaching experience in Hindi language for more than 2 years

Chicago, IL Hindi (n)

Jing N.

I have had 8 years experience teaching/tutoring Chinese in a classroom or with a group or private lessons. I'm a native Chinese speaker and a certified Montessori teacher. Currently, I am teaching in a Chinese immersioned Montessori classroom for the 5th year. I enjoy teaching Chinese speaking, reading and writing through games, multimedia and culture.

Chicago, IL Mandarin Chinese (n)

Yena L.

Native Korean Speaker with five years of tutoring experience. Have lead a group of Korean lesson for 4 months in Washington D.C

Chicago, IL Korean (n)

Pedro D.

Mexican-American Spanish Speaker with a Bachelors Degree in History and three months of tutoring experience.

Chicago, IL Spanish

Almachnouk E.

Arabic native speaker with French university degree and two years of teaching Arabic experience and three years of teaching French.

Chicago, IL Arabic (n), French

Eldiyar T.

Russian, Kyrgyz, Turkish, English speaker with university degree

Chicago, IL Turkish, Kyrgyz

Valentina M.

English native speaker with four years university speaking experience and one year teaching experience.

Chicago, IL Russian

Julia A.

Native English speaker with university major in biology and minor in Spanish. Currently takes ESL and bilingual teaching classes at graduate school.

Chicago, IL Spanish

Iwona L.

Polish and German university professor with years of experience, published author, researcher, scholar; passionate about languages and teaching.

Chicago, IL & Online Polish (n), German

Lucia P.

My first language is Spanish, Bachelors Degree in Spanish, took classes for English as a Second Language and Spanish teaching.

Chicago, IL Spanish (n), English
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