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Chumei P.

Mandarin Chinese native speaker with 10 years of Chinese tutoring and I have a BA degree.

Chicago, IL & Online | Mandarin Chinese (n) | Rate $40

Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups

Oiuna B.

Russian native speaker with University degree, lived in China for 6 years and have experience in teaching Russian

Chicago, IL | Russian (n), Mandarin Chinese | Rate $25

Giulia A.

I am an Italian native speaker and I think that the best way to learn a foreign language is to talk with a native speaker.

Chicago, IL | Italian (n) | Rate $15

Jeanette H.

I am a French-American bilingual speaker with eight years of tutoring experience in the Chicago Loop. I also work as a freelance translator. I specialize in adult learners and speak English, French and Spanish.

Chicago, IL | French | Rate $45

Claire L.

I am a French native speaker, with a university master degree, and two years of teaching experience.

Chicago, IL | French (n), Spanish | Rate $25

Diana D.

I'm a Russian native speaker with a bachelors degree. I used to tutor students in English and tutored foreigners who studied Russian back in Russia.

Chicago, IL | Russian (n) | Rate $25

Tomas L.

Bilingual (English-Spanish) instructor with a degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, with advanced fluency in Portuguese and 5 years experience teaching ESL to students and 2 years experience teaching Spanish (1-1 & small groups).

Chicago, IL | English (n), Spanish | Rate $30

Pavel K.

Enthusiastic, bilingual lecturer of char of philosophy with 5 years teaching at the university.Focused on developing a positive rapport with all students through effective communication and culturally-sensitive curricula.

Chicago, IL | Russian (n) | Rate $25

Salma G.

Arabic native speaker currently finishing a bachelors degree in International studies. Background in French language at both high school and university levels.

Chicago, IL | Arabic (n) | Rate $25

Abhishek B.

I have teaching experience in Hindi language for more than 2 years

Chicago, IL | Hindi (n) | Rate $35

Jing N.

I have had 8 years experience teaching/tutoring Chinese in a classroom or with a group or private lessons. I'm a native Chinese speaker and a certified Montessori teacher. Currently, I am teaching in a Chinese immersioned Montessori classroom for the 5th year. I enjoy teaching Chinese speaking, reading and writing through games, multimedia and culture.

Chicago, IL | Mandarin Chinese (n) | Rate $35

Yena L.

Native Korean Speaker with five years of tutoring experience. Have lead a group of Korean lesson for 4 months in Washington D.C

Chicago, IL | Korean (n) | Rate $20

Pedro D.

Mexican-American Spanish Speaker with a Bachelors Degree in History and three months of tutoring experience.

Chicago, IL | Spanish | Rate $25

Almachnouk E.

Arabic native speaker with French university degree and two years of teaching Arabic experience and three years of teaching French.

Chicago, IL | Arabic (n), French | Rate $30

Eldiyar T.

Russian, Kyrgyz, Turkish, English speaker with university degree

Chicago, IL | Turkish, Kyrgyz | Rate $25

Valentina M.

English native speaker with four years university speaking experience and one year teaching experience.

Chicago, IL | Russian | Rate $40

Julia A.

Native English speaker with university major in biology and minor in Spanish. Currently takes ESL and bilingual teaching classes at graduate school.

Chicago, IL | Spanish | Rate $25

Iwona L.

Polish and German university professor with years of experience, published author, researcher, scholar; passionate about languages and teaching.

Chicago, IL & Online | Polish (n), German | Rate $50

Lucia P.

My first language is Spanish, Bachelors Degree in Spanish, took classes for English as a Second Language and Spanish teaching.

Chicago, IL | Spanish (n), English | Rate $25

Tatyana M.

Russian native speaker, also speak some Hebrew and some Arabic. Extensive experience in teaching and tutoring mathematics, science, engineering

Chicago, IL | Russian (n) | Rate $55

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