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We have found 9 local and online tutors offering private Bengali lessons.


Md Hasanur R.

Bengali Speaker, recently graduated from Ryerson. Have almost 2 years experience in Engineering job and teaching.

Toronto, ON | Bengali (n), English | Rate C$40

Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups
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Shamapto Guha A.

Bengali native speaker who studied under British Curriculum and completed SAT and TOEFL and is proficient in English.

Victoria, BC & Online | English, Bengali (n) | Rate C$19

Youth, Adults, Groups

Ayesha N.

I have been a tutor in languages for more than 30 years. I have taught Hindi, Bengali, Spanish for a long time.

Calgary, AB & Online | Bengali (n), Hindi, Spanish | Rate C$26

Public Place
Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups
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Hrishikesh Das G.

Advance level in teaching my native language

Scarborough, ON & Online | Bengali (n) | Rate C$25

Kids, Youth, Adults

Tasnia Z.

I am a native bengali and english speaker with full proficiency in both languages. I would be happy to teach how to read, write and speak bengali.

Mississauga, ON & Online | Bengali | Rate C$20

Titu B.

An IT professional, a globe trotter a easy going person who loves to spread the essence of Bengali language in a simple and fun way.

Toronto, ON | Bengali (n) | Rate C$35

Rana H.

Multiligual. Native Bengali. Fluent in Russian, English, Hindi and little French. Want to teach Bengali

Mississauga, ON | Bengali (n), Russian | Rate C$35

Indrani B.

I speak read write English as a native speaker, I hold two Master degrees.

Montreal, QC | English, Bengali (n) | Rate C$30

Tahmid H.

Bengali native speaker with University degree and willing to tutor.

Pointe-Claire, QC | Bengali (n), English | Rate C$20

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