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Ivan M.

Hello, I am a native Czech speaker, residing in Canada since 1990. I have a university degree in education (Not related to linguistics). I am mature and responsible. I have a full time job but am available in the evenings and on weekends for either on-line or in-person tutoring.

Montreal, QC & Online | Czech (n) | Rate C$35


Marcela T.

Czech native speaker with university degree and 20 years tutorial experience

Calgary, AB | Czech (n) | Rate C$35

Michal S.

Native Czech speaker with university degree, residing mostly in Canada since 2013, available for either on-line or in-person tutoring.

Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, BC & Online | Czech (n), Esperanto | Rate C$28

Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Youth, Adults, Groups
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Vanda C.

Czech native speaker, born and raised in Czech, now 8 years in Canada, since summer 2018 in Victoria BC. I have zero tutoring experience and I will probably teach you some wrong grammar, but it’s all about talking and practicing and gaining confidence. I have plenty experience in these.

Victoria, BC & Online | Czech (n) | Rate C$30

Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Youth, Adults, Groups

Marta J.

Czech native language speaks, tutoring over 30 years.

Kelowna, BC | Czech (n) | Rate C$35

My Home/Office
Kids, Youth, Adults

Martina J.

I am a Czech native speaker. I teach French and Czech.

Toronto, ON | French, Czech (n) | Rate C$45

Beginners, Intermediate
Youth, Adults

Lukáš D.

Czech native speaker, currently studying business at UVic.

Victoria, BC | Czech (n) | Rate C$30

Dasha C.

Czech native speaker with Masters in ESL, 5 years of teaching experience. Fluent in English.

Victoria, BC | Czech | Rate C$30

Tereza T.

Czech native speaker with Masters in English Language and over 5 years of tutoring experience.

Victoria, BC | Czech (n) | Rate C$40

Pavel P.

Czech native speaker with master's degree. Not many experiences with teching yet.

Kelowna, BC | Czech (n) | Rate C$30

Alena T.

I am Czech native speaker, have 2 years experience teaching English in hi school in Czech republic as well as private English tutor for about the same time

Victoria, BC | Czech (n), English | Rate C$31

Dagmar C.

Based in Victoria with a M.A. in English/ESL and Czech, European Literary History and Criticism. I have 7 years of teaching experience in both languages, and I can edit your essays. Teaching with the methodology of real life role plays, games and simulations.

Victoria, BC | Czech (n), English | Rate C$35

Natalie N.

Czech native speaker with University Degree.

Los Angeles, CA | Czech (n) | Rate $35

Aneta C.

Czech native speaker with master degree with international experience living 1 year in Germany, 1 year and a half in Brazil and 1 year in USA. One year and a half experience teaching English and German.

New York City, NY & Online | Czech (n), Portuguese | Rate $35

Zdenek M.

Retired civil engineer form Texas Natural resource Conservation Commission with Civil Engineering Degree from Czechoslovakia (Equivalent to Master Degree in Civil Engineering in US)

Round Rock, TX & Online | Czech (n) | Rate $55

My Home/Office, Learner's Home or Work, Public Place
Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups

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