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Lucky Princia M.

Billingual university undergraduate with French as my first language and English my second. Excellently fluent in both. Volunteer experience as French teacher in middle school. I am Passionate about sharing the riches of culture through language. Available to meet at university of Manitoba daytime or afternoons.

Winnipeg, MB | French (n), English | Rate C$25

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Guy F.

French native speaker - with English learned since very early childhood. I earned a University (Arts) degree and have two years experience tutoring/teaching French and 1 year turoring/teaching English. I worked 6 years as a journalist for an English-language weekly publication and as many years as a producer of French-language local news where I ensured correct French language used for on-air broadcast (Radio-Canada). for aboth languages.

Winnipeg, MB | French (n), English | Rate C$25

Rachel T.

French native speaker with degree in teaching of languages, french as second language, degrees in Spanish + work and study experiences in Spanish Speakers countries

Winnipeg, MB | French (n), Spanish | Rate C$27

St├ęphanie B.

French native from Quebec with 1 year of experience in teaching one-on-one with adults in Japan. (Taught both French and English)

Winnipeg, MB | French (n), English | Rate C$25

Semiyu A.

French, native speaker with 7 years teaching experience. Master degree in French and pursuing PhD studies in Francophone Literature.

Winnipeg, MB | French (n) | Rate C$23

Cristian S.

Spanish native speaker with high school equivalent degree and have 6 months of tutoring experience

Winnipeg, MB | Spanish (n), French | Rate C$23

Margaret C.

English native speaker that has lived in Europe, Montreal, Brazil and had immersion in French, German, Swedish and Portuguese-speaking countries.

Winnipeg, MB | French, English (n), German, Portuguese | Rate C$30

Magdolna N.

Hungarian native speaker with an MA in French Language and Literature, with 10 years of experience teaching French and English as a foreign language.

Winnipeg, MB | English, French, Hungarian (n) | Rate C$40

Altinay F.

I am from Cuba, so I am a Spanish native speaker. I always had love my mother tongue so I have full knowledge of it. I have studied French, so I can teach it only on basic level.

Winnipeg, MB | Spanish (n), French | Rate C$30

Harmandeep Kaur G.

Punjabi native speaker with B1 level in French and having 2 years of experience

Winnipeg, MB | French | Rate C$35

Angela J.

i love the process of learning. i love tutoring youth and university students with their writing and speaking. i have recent successful years of tutoring international students.

Winnipeg, MB | French, English (n) | Rate C$25

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