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We have found 10 local and online tutors offering private Gujarati lessons.

Arnavaz I.

Hello! I have been teaching for over 25years. I specialize and groom children ages 4 and above in languages such as English, Gujarati, Hindi and Marathi. My method of teaching ensures children have a strong foundation for the language.

Mississauga, ON & Online Gujarati (n), Hindi, Marathi
My Home/Office
Beginners, Intermediate
Kids (4y+), Youth

Viren P.

Indian born, Canadian citizen with University degree in Mechatronics Engineering. I have taught, tutored and mentored kids to learn English, Hindi & Gujarati for 6 months.

Mississauga, ON & Online Hindi, Gujarati (n), English
Learner's Home, Public Place
Beginners, Intermediate
Kids (12y+), Youth

Shanti G.

McGill graduate student with native proficiency in Gujarati .

Montréal, QC & Online Gujarati
Public Place

Hitarth R.

Native Gujarati Speaker with Fluency in Gujarati, Hindi and English Languages

Scarborough, ON Gujarati (n), Hindi

D. S.

Gujarati native speaker with a degree in engineering & business. I can teach English & Gujarati along side other subjects such as math & physics.

Toronto, ON & Online Gujarati (n), English
My Home/Office, Public Place
Beginners, Intermediate
Kids (5y+), Youth, Groups

Rajendra K.

Hindi native speaker with master's degree and more than 10 years of experience teaching English, Gujarati, and Hindi languages, Science, and Math courses.

Toronto, Scarborough, ON & Online Hindi (n), Gujarati, English
Beginners, Intermediate
Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups

Helly J.

Actually, Gujarati Native Speaker, But I can teach Hindi too.

Brampton, ON & Online Hindi (n), Gujarati (n)

Bela S.

Gujarati Indian Lady who has a three years experience in teaching, speaking and writing

Harrow on the Hill, UK & Online Gujarati (n)
My Home/Office
Intermediate, Advanced
Kids, Youth, Adults

Dinesh K.

Native Gujarati speaker with total experience of 7 years in Indian Multi national company.

Gurgaon, India & Online Gujarati (n), Hindi, Sindhi
My Home/Office, Learner's Home or Work, Public Place
Beginners, Intermediate
Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups

Seema P.

I am very proud to be a Gujarati. I am very fond of Gujarati Literature. I have read many books of great Gujarati authors. I am well versed with Gujarati language and with grammar.

Online Gujarati (n)
Beginners, Intermediate
Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups
Scarborough, ON

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