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We have found 6 local and online tutors offering private Serbo-Croatian lessons.

USA: Brooklyn

Ana M.

Serbian native with university degree,bachelor in Spanish language and Hispanic literature. Studied Russian for over 10 years.

Drayton Valley, AB & Online Russian, Serbo-Croatian (n), Spanish
Learner's Home
Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups

Milica P.

Serbo-Croatian native speaker grown up in Germany and Austria since preeschool

Ottawa & Online German, Serbo-Croatian (n)
My Home/Office
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Milena T.

Serbian native speaker and now I attend a british online english language school

Online English, Serbo-Croatian (n), Bosnian (n)
Beginners, Intermediate
Kids (5y+), Youth, Adults

Radmila K.

Serbian native speaker with a university degree and 4 years of teaching experience

Toronto, Etobicoke, ON & Online Serbo-Croatian (n)
Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups

Marco G.

Hi there i am a Native Italian Born in Milan to an Italian Father and a Croatian Mother, I studied at the Università dell'studi Di Roma. I am an Italian tutor in The GTA

Kitchener, ON Italian (n), Serbo-Croatian

Anita S.

Polish native speaker with 5 years university degree in Russian Language

Brooklyn, NY Serbo-Croatian

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