French Language Tutor Nerissa

French Language Tutor Nerissa from Vancouver, BC
Name Nerissa M. Recommended
City Vancouver, BC
Teaching French
Native Language Persian
Originally From Iran
Working With Youth, Adults
Levels I Teach Beginner, Intermediate
Lessons Take Place Online
Review Rating
Hourly Rate C$40

-Online classes- Over adecade of extensive experience, blostered by the attainemnt of an academic master's degree in Frenhc literature from Isfahan University. I am well-equipped to cater a divers range of students. My methodology places a significant emphasis on honing the four fundamental language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. These facets are thoughtfully prioritized in accordance with the student's individual preferences and goals. I extend a warm invitation to both high school and university students seeking to enhance their academic performances. I offer a 15-minute introductory session, during which we can mutually outline objectives and expectations.

Education / Certificates

Master in French Literature.

Professional Experience

Over a decade in teaching and tutoring French.

Teaching Approach

I work on 4 skills: reading, speaking, writing, and listening + extra homework after each session.


WeekdaysWeekends are negotiable

Teaching Place(s)

Online Zoom session

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Pamela S.

Customized lessons, super personable.
8 months ago

We reached out to Nerissa when our son in Grade 9 French Immersion was struggling with homework and school assignments in French. Within a couple of sessions she had honed in on some problem areas, worked with him on improving overall grammar and provided customized homework activities for each week. She was able to find topics that he found interesting and engaging, which meant improved participation on his part. His French grade improved noticeably over the term, and even his teacher at school commented on the positive changes. We found Nerissa to be organized, efficient, and an excellent communicator. We highly recommend her.

AnneMarie W.

Incredible tutor
1 year ago

Nerissa is patient and kind. My son hated french until he began working with Narissa. After only 2 short months, his grade went from a 78% up to a 94%! That itself is amazing, but the best part is how much he now loves french....all because of Nerissa!

Kenny H.
2 years ago

Great learning materials and teaching.

Mason B.

2 years ago

Nerissa is an excellent tutor. She is quite knowledgeable, focused, and able to adapt to where you're at as a student. She reads quite well what your abilities are, and how you take in what you're learning. Where her adaptability in teaching comes into play, is in recognizing your strengths and weaknesses are in learning, and setting her approach and teaching accordingly. While still making your learning experience fun, and intriguing. If you're looking to learning French, and learning it well. You have found the right one with Nerissa.

S B.

Excellent teacher
2 years ago

Having Nerissa as a French tutor for my children, really changed my children learning in more ways than one. My children really struggled in in French in grade 6 and 7, and also their other subjects were just average. When my children started attending high school, we hired Nerissa. Not only that my children got top grades in French, but their confidence in learning went up so high, that they now they have top marks in every subject. Nerissa's style is very supportive. She has amazing patience, she teaches children structure, she is very encouraging with lots of positive feedback. Nerissa is very professional, punctual and always with smile. As much as she is very gentle and kind, she knows how to push and motivate students. We are just very blessed to find her.

Danielle P.

Great tutor!
3 years ago

I have struggled to learn a second language my whole life. Nerissa is the only teacher I have ever had who has been able to break down the learning process so that I could understand how to improve. I have had several university courses in French but a couple months with Nerissa got me further than all of my courses combined. I couldn't recomed her more.

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