Singing and Voice and Songwriting Tutor Joan from Brantford

Singing and Voice and Songwriting Tutor Joan from Brantford, ON
Name Joan M.
City Brantford, ON
Teaching Singing and Voice, Songwriting
Speaking English
Originally From Canada
Working With Kids (5y+), Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels I Teach Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Lessons Take Place Locally, Online
Hourly Rate C$60

Vocal Music Instructor, Dance Instructor, Theatre Arts Instructor. Specializing in Pop and Musical Theatre. Early Childhood Educator & Long Time Music & Drama Teacher & Producer.

Education / Certificates

Grade 13 Honour Graduate.  Mohawk College in the E.C.E. program and Leading Young Children Towards Music.  Brock University, Western University, Several Certificate Programs. A myriad of Music Workshops and Certificates.  

Professional Experience

Joan Minnery; an award winning vocal and drama coach and a well known entertainment persona in Brantford and Brant County. Joan teaches musical theatre with the Brantford Cabaret and also instructs Song & Dance at Dance Xcetera. Joan is the lead singer for her family Rock Band SIVLE and also performs as a solo entertainer and motivational speaker at a myriad of shows every year.

Joan has been teaching voice lessons since 2001, specializing in Musical Theatre, Pop and Rock as well as Country, Jazz, & Gospel and of course Oldies. Joan’s students have won over 300 Performing Arts awards.

Joan is a graduate of Mohawk College and has affiliated education with Brock University in the BA/BEd Program. She has been awarded both the Queens Golden and Diamond Jubilee Medals for Leading Young Children Towards Music and Community Activism. Joan is the 2017 Mohawk College Alumni of Distinction Award Winner for Community Leadership and has a scholarship named after her within the Music Program at the school. She has also been awarded a myriad of community recognition. Joan is a member of Ontario Musical Theatre Instructors and the Music Teachers Association of North America. She is the president of S.I.N.G. -- the Brantford Association of Educators/Instructors of Vocal Music & Performance.

Teaching Approach

“My idea is to teach as an orchestra leader. Teach...Rehearse...Produce. I teach, we practice, then I stand back and THEY produce, as I go around to correct and offer feedback and guidance, as a group and individually. This is done within a hands on environment with a then and there approach; which is very important for performing arts and chorus line work. Through practice, they will learn."


All Mornings, Most Afternoons. Early Evening By Request...

Teaching Place(s)

Online Via Skype, Facebook Messenger or Zoom. I am also available for lessons in our studio - Covid Pending.

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