Toronto French Language Tutor Alexandre

French Language Tutor Alexandre from Toronto, ON
Name Alexandre B.Recommended
City Toronto, ON
Teaching French
Native Language French
Originally From France
Working With Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Lessons Take Place Locally, Online
Hourly Rate C$35

Highly qualified French tutor with over 10 years of experience (references are available upon request). Costumizes the lesson to fit the student’s learning needs and goals.

Education / Certificates
Having a bachelor’s degree in business from Paris, I can provide my services and tutor basic and business French.
Professional Experience
Tutored French for over 10 years back in Paris , in Vancouver BC and Toronto. Worked with professionals from all sorts of industries, university students and high school & elementary school students.
Teaching Approach
Understanding the student’s learning needs and goals. Taking into consideration any deadlines. Cosumizing a lesson plan specifically for each student while learning the grammar and conjugation and applying it to real life case scenearios (ex: talking about the weekend’s plans using the future tenses).
Monday to Friday between 12pm and 8pm. Weekends are also a possibility.
Teaching Place(s)
Anywhere it’s convenient for the student as long as it’s fairly near by the city. I commute by bycicle.
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Ian M.

Highly recommended!
10 months ago

Alexandre is a natural teacher and very easy to talk to. His practical and structured approach to our lessons was refreshing after my years of studying French in a classroom, reading through textbooks, and repeating lines written on a chalkboard. He incorporates reading, writing, and speaking practice into his lessons, which I especially appreciated since I often neglected one of these forms of practice when studying on my own. He is also readily able to explain new vocabulary words and the influence of French culture on the language. Since a sentence in one language cannot always be translated literally into another language, Alexandre often points out the subtle differences in how English-speakers and French-speakers would express something. I greatly enjoyed our lessons and highly recommend Alexandre to anyone intimidated by the prospect of learning French.

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