Singing and Voice Tutor Jan

Singing and Voice Tutor Jan from Vancouver, BC
Name Jan C.
City Vancouver, BC
Teaching Singing and Voice
Speaking English
Originally From Canada
Working With Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels I Teach Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Lessons Take Place Online
Hourly Rate C$75

Pop vocal coach with 40 years of experiences working with both professional singers and nonsingers.

Education / Certificates

BA in English and History Eastern Michigan University A degree in Early Childhood Education from UBC

Professional Experience

I have taught pop voice for 40 years. My teacher was from the NY Metropolitan Opera. I sang with my own band for 16 years. I have worked with Grammy and Juno award winners. I have serval videos and manuals for teachers. I developed my own method called the rebirth technique based on Chi breathing. I have also worked with actors and dancers ex. Alex Wong from the movie The Greatest Showman

Teaching Approach

The method is my own called the Rebirth Technique based on babies breathing. I supply the singers with a 45-minute video based on my technique. I go from theory to actual application to pop songs. This is music from the 1940's up to todays music.


Most days. From 10 am till 8 pm

Teaching Place(s)

All online mostly using zoom.

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