Burnaby Japanese Language Tutor Maki

Japanese Language Tutor Maki from Burnaby, BC
Name Maki K. Recommended
City Burnaby, BC
Teaching Japanese
Native Language Japanese
Originally From Japan
Working With Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels I Teach Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Lessons Take Place Public Place, Online
Hourly Rate C$40

I have 19+ years of experience teaching Japanese as a tutor in Vancouver, BC to business students, high school students, casual learners, and homemakers. I have successfully taught over 400 students over the last 19 years. I can prepare you for JLPT exam and tailor the lessons based on what you're interested in (cooking, anime games, j-pop etc). Many of these students are now working and living in Japan and have been integrated in the culture. Some of them continued their studies at Japanese Universities while others now have successful careers in Japan.

Education / Certificates
I took 420 hours Japanese Language Instructor Training Course.
Professional Experience
2 years as a school teacher for a private Japanese language school in BC. Volunteer teacher for JET Program Many of my students have successfully passed JLPT with full marks (180/180).
Teaching Approach
Various options are available, depending on what you need, and how much time you have. Japanese grammar, reading and writing, test preparation, pronunciation, fluency, speed, common phrases, slang, business culture, Japanese etiquette, ceremony etiquette, etc.
Please feel free to ask me.
Teaching Place(s)
Private lessons in Burnaby, BC, or online lessons using Skype or Line.
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Very rewarding lessons
1 year ago

My goal at this time is to pass the JLPT N5 or N4, and felt like I learnt something every lesson from Maki. She used simple, easy to comprehend Japanese such that it was easy for a beginner to understand and feel like they're actually speaking it

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