San Diego Arabic Language Tutor Toma

Name Toma G.
City San Diego, CA
Teaching Arabic
Native Language Arabic
Lessons Take Place Locally
Hourly Rate $40

Arabic native speaker with university degree and 4 years of tutoring experience.

Education / Certificates
 Certificate for extensive course in English Literature and Grammar, Barry College of Further Education, Wales, England, 1978
Professional Experience
1. KowledgeCity Online Video Training July 2013-Jan 2014 Copy Editor – Language Responsible for the translation of audio and video files from English to Arabic using Subtitle Horse and review of Language courses to include the listening of content and proofreading of subject material to correct errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, terminology and jargon, timelines, as well as usage and style. Mr. Gabriel also improved the formatting, style, and accuracy of text if needed. 2. Public Library, El Cajon, CA Arabic & ESL Teacher January 2011 – June 2013 Responsible for private language classes in Arabic and ESL to adult beginners to improve their skills in speaking, reading, writing, and listening for Arabic and English learners. 3. Language Door Arabic Teacher October 2010– Dec. 2011 Offered hands on training to enhance the learning experience of adult beginners and improve their basic skills in speaking, reading, and writing. Mr. Gabriel developed the lesson plans to tailor instruction to the students’ specific needs and objectives. 4. Defense Language Institute (DLI) Arabic (MSA & Iraqi) Language Instructor August 1996 – June 2005 Responsible for the Instruction of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and its Iraqi dialect focusing on the developments of the students’ speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills using foreign language methodologies applied at DLIFLC-Undergraduate Education to include task-based, learner-centered, skill-integrated, project-based, scenario-based, and diagnostically-oriented approach and immersion environment. Mr. Gabriel taught courses at all levels of proficiency from basic courses through advanced levels; introducing effective teaching techniques to help students improve their speaking, reading, and listening skills, and providing individualized learning activities. He taught contextual strategies by using structure and lexicon, in addition to grammar to assist students with immersion into the culture of the region to familiarize students with the culture, beliefs, customs, etc. of the Arab society. He was also responsible for assessing students’ performance; preparing, administering, and correcting tests and weekly quizzes. He conducted monthly remedial sessions after each unit exam to increase the proficiency of students falling behind. Additionally, Mr. Gabriel helped students improve their language skills during the Language Training Exercise (LTX) at former Ft. Ord base by participating as a Role-player and Cultural Advisor. Finally, Mr. Gabriel assisted team members on how to utilize the Multi-Media lab and Smart Board and provided troubleshooting expertise for technical problems encountered by his colleagues.
Teaching Approach
I offer classes in Arabic, Aramaic (Assyrian & Chaldean), and ESL. The curriculum and materials I use are continually updated and tailored toward students need. It covers dialogues, basic grammar, role play, reading, listening, translation and exposure to culture. I use Alif Baa and Al-Kitaab with DVDs a textbook for beginning Arabic by Georgetown University in addition to my tailored authentic material for all levels 0+- 3. I am committed to quality teaching. My experience will assist learners to enhance their skills and learn how to apply Arabic efficiently. Great emphasis is given to increasing your conversational fluency in various situations. Building up confidence is the most important thing a teacher can give a student. . During my career, I have developed expertise in the development and implementation of Language Training using the task-based, student-centered, and skill-integrated approach that I became familiar with after having taught for over 9 consecutive years at Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC).
I am flexible and can easy adopt to student's schedule.
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Public library
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