Japanese and Russian Language Tutor Liudmila from Vancouver

Japanese and Russian Language Tutor Liudmila from Vancouver, BC
Name Liudmila C. Recommended
City Vancouver, BC
Teaching Japanese, Russian
Native Language Russian
Originally From Russia
Working With Kids (12y+), Youth, Adults
Levels I Teach Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Lessons Take Place My Home/Office, Learner's Home or Work, Public Place, Online
Review Rating
Hourly Rate C$50

Dive into the world of linguistic excellence with a Russian native speaker boasting a prestigious University degree and over a decade of expertise in teaching captivating Japanese and challenging Russian languages!  As a Russian language enthusiast, I am passionate about sharing the beauty and complexity of the Russian language with learners from all walks of life. From mastering the Cyrillic alphabet to delving into the rich tapestry of Russian literature and culture, I am committed to guiding you on your journey to fluency
Whether you're drawn to the poetic elegance of Pushkin's verses or the intellectual depth of Dostoevsky's prose, together, we'll unravel the mysteries of the Russian language and unlock its full potential.  Moreover, if your significant other or family speaks Russian, I offer tailored lessons designed to enhance communication and strengthen your bonds through language. Whether planning a trip to Moscow, celebrating a cultural milestone, or simply wanting to connect on a deeper level, mastering Russian will open doors to new experiences and connections. Reach out today and embark on a transformative journey towards language mastery! Your adventure awaits!

Education / Certificates

University degree ( Japanese language), Diploma (Russian as a second language)

Professional Experience

15 years of experience in teaching the Japanese language, and 9 years in teaching Russian.

Teaching Approach

I provide personalized language instruction to a diverse range of learners, spanning from children to university students and adults, targeting beginner through upper-intermediate proficiency levels. Tailoring my approach to meet the unique needs of each individual, I meticulously craft customized learning plans. These plans are meticulously crafted, leveraging a variety of teaching materials that are carefully selected based on the learner's proficiency level, age, and specific learning objectives.


I can easily adapt to students' schedule if I have an availability.

Teaching Place(s)

Zoom, Student's place, public settings, Skype.

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Kaitlyn L.

Long-time Student Raves About Language Teacher
1 year ago

I have been taking Russian lessons from Liudmila for a few years and have seen much growth in my vocabulary, grammar, comprehension and confidence when speaking. She personally tailored each session to be fun, relatable and culturally educational. She is patient and able to read her students well. She provided the perfect balance of challenge and encouragement to keep me progressing. I enjoyed every lesson and would highly recommend her as a language tutor.

Christine K.

4 years ago

Very skilled, helped my daughter prepare for tests. Perhaps in person sessions would have been better than online for my daughter's learning style.

Natalie I.

Excellent Tutor for Learning Russian Language
5 years ago

Ludmila was tutoring Russian to my 3 small kids various ages. She customized the perfect learning plan to fit each of their needs, engaged them with creative and educational activities and made each lesson extremely effective and fun. Post every lesson she followed up with a summary of what they mastered well, where there was room for improvement and what types of activities would help us get there. Ludmila also helped us find outside resources such as books and videos in order we can continue at our own pace. I cannot recommend her enough!

Mason B.

Excellent and fun teacher
5 years ago

Liudmila is quite a wonderful teacher and tutor.. Patient, kind, knowledgeable, focused and also quite adaptable to her students' needs and learning capabilities.. Whatever your goal is, she will see you meet that with a personalized plan, and keeping you on track..

Hayley S.

6 years ago

Mila is an amazing teacher. She is very patient and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend

Taimoor K.

Amazing Teacher! Thank you Ms. Ludmila!
6 years ago

I took classes twice a week with Ms. Ludmila for 6 months and it was amazing! For someone like me with no background in the language she personalized the teaching to my background (I speak French) and always had great tips to help me remember and combine different aspects of our learning! Learning any language is a long journey but Ms. Ludmila really helped me progress with my Russian ando would really recommend her!

Mario J L.

6 years ago

Would highly recommend this teacher. Very knowledgeable and has excellent teaching method. Explains very well and develops individual program based on student capability to learn the language.

Siavash F.

6 years ago

I took 2 sessions per week with Mila for a bit more than a year. She's a great tutor, very kind, patient and fun. She helped me understand the basics of the language and I would recommend taking classes with her.

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