English Language Tutor Nicolette

English Language Tutor Nicolette from Vancouver, BC
Name Nicolette C. Recommended
City Vancouver, BC
Teaching English
Native Language English
Originally From Canada
Working With Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels I Teach Intermediate, Advanced
Lessons Take Place Online
Review Rating
Hourly Rate C$30

I am a Canadian native English speaker who is upbeat, friendly and knowledgeable. I love teaching students from all over the world. I’ve been teaching for 19 years. I am passionate about helping students improve their language skills.

Education / Certificates

A Bachelors of Arts degree in English literature from the University of Toronto.

TESOL certification. Distinction level

Diploma in Journalism 

Professional Experience

I have a wealth of experience teaching all levels from beginner to advanced as well as other classes such as speaking, listening, grammar, writing, reading, slang, business and test preparation courses such as IELTS, Cambridge and CELPIP.

I worked at colleges and language schools in Canada and around the World.

I have managed a language school, trained English teachers and TESOL trainees.

I have also developed my own curriculum. My lessons are unique and interactive.

Teaching Approach

My lessons are very dynamic. I have a very communicative approach that focuses on fluency and accuracy.

I can customize the lessons to the student’s needs or create lessons that suit the student. 


Available anytime after 10:00 am

I can tutor a student one on one or a group of students. 

I teach students online on google classroom.

Teaching Place(s)

I am only available to teach online.

My Location
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10 reviews available.

Maryna H.

2 weeks ago

I had a best experience with Nicolette! She is a friendly, polite and always prepared to the lesson tutor. Thank you Nicolette!

Ferial T.

Excellent Experience
5 months ago

Nicolette is a professional and friendly tutor, I really enjoy my lessons with her! We talk about topics that interest me, and we work on my errors. She helped me through my IELTS exam too. I really like how she structures our lessons and shows me the progress I'm making. Highly recommended!

Nicole N.

Looking for a great teacher?
6 months ago

Usually every teacher has their prepared lessons. But Nicolettes lessons aren’t “only” downloaded from the internet. Most of them are individually prepared lessons. You want use expressions like a local would say it? Just ask Nicolette and you’re good to go. Her sessions have the right balance between smalltalk, topics with specific learning goals and open conversations based on videos. She’s all ears and I really like her way of tracking and correcting mistakes on the fly and talking through afterwards.

Rupi B.

8 months ago

We had a really good experience with my son’s grade 8 English tutoring with Nicolette. Nicolette is the best tutor he has ever had. I really appreciate the hard work that she puts into her tutoring.


11 months ago

This course was by far my favourite I have taken to date, and I really enjoyed her class. Nicolette is a great teacher and I felt I learned a lot from her class. She focused on my learning goals and explained everything in detail. I would definitely recommend her to students or anyone who wish to improve English.

Diana S.
A knowledgeable and fun teacher!
1 year ago

Nicolette is an excellent teacher. She has taught me so much grammar as well as interesting idioms and expressions. She is a unique teacher because she has a wealth of knowledge and she is also fun loving. You should definitely choose her as your next tutor.

Eric C.

What's a kitty-corner?
1 year ago

If you are curious about what a kitty-corner is, like me, Nicolette is the go-to. I've learned tons of useful day-to-day vocabularies from her. My grammar also improved a bunch because she promotes conversation and catches my mistakes on the fly, making learning efficient and (almost) effortless. Furthermore, her tailored and highly interactive lessons make it less like class and more like play. If you can't guess already, I highly recommend her as your next tutor.

Tony P.
2 years ago

Thanks for being my teacher. I enjoyed the english lessons. I always looked forward to class. You are amazing.

Maya J.
Such a great Teacher!
2 years ago

Nicolette helped me prepare for exams and working with her really improved my English. Highly Recommend!!!

Veronica L.
Excellent teacher!
2 years ago

I highly recommend Nicolette's classes because she is an expert teacher and I learned so much from her. She is also a lot fun!

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