San Diego Spanish Language Tutor Jose

Spanish Language Tutor Jose from San Diego, CA
Name Jose M.
City San Diego, CA
Teaching Spanish
Native Language Spanish
Lessons Take Place Locally, Online
Hourly Rate $40

Spanish native speaker with a sociology degree from San Diego State University, and 3 years of tutoring experience.

Education / Certificates
Courses in social psychology that included the study of language, and dialects. High level of Spanish courses that included Spanish literature and language.
Professional Experience
Professional experience tutoring K-12, college students, and adults on diverse academic subjects that included Spanish speaking, reading, and writing. Experience teaching Spanish and English to indigenous people with little understanding or no understanding of the language to be learned.
Teaching Approach
Preferred method of teaching is practical interaction, that includes: conversation, discussion, and practical writing and reading of the language to be learned according to the clients needs and goals.
Any day of the week, mornings, and early evenings preferred.
Teaching Place(s)
Clients home, Public place as library, Café Shop, and online interaction.
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