English Language Tutor Helena

English Language Tutor Helena from Vancouver, BC
Name Helena B. Recommended
City Vancouver, BC
Teaching English
Native Language English, Portuguese
Originally From Canada
Working With Youth, Adults
Levels I Teach Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Lessons Take Place Online
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Hourly Rate C$50

Become a confident, fluent English speaker with me! I am an experienced and certified Canadian tutor with more than nine years of English teaching experience, and a writing degree. Together with me, you will enjoy practicing English with personalized lessons, that are customized to your goals and needs. We can work on improving your speaking, grammar, pronunciation, reading, writing and listening skills, while correcting your mistakes so you can use the English language as a tool for self-improvement.

Education / Certificates

I have: 

- an ESL teaching certificate

- a bachelor's degree in Creative Writing

Professional Experience

For over eight years, I have taught English to students from many different countries and of all ages and language levels from beginner to advanced. From applying for jobs to learning slang, I have helped English learners reach their different goals. I have experience with teaching Business English and General English(conversational). My specialty is creating customized lessons for you and giving you real-time corrections based on the speaking and writing mistakes you make. 

I have: 

- 8.5 years of English teaching experience 

- experience with interview/resume/cover letter preparation

- experience with exam preparation

- a TESOL certificate 

- 10+ years of writing, editing and proofreading experience 

- a bachelor's degree in writing

Teaching Approach

My approach is simple: give you the confidence to speak English confidently. I do this by offering personalized lessons that are customized to your specific needs, whether that means preparing for an exam or learning some new phrases to talk to strangers. Our classes will be online via Zoom, which allows for a flexible schedule.


Weekdays: Monday to Friday

Times: 8 am to 6 pm PDT (Pacific Timezone)

Teaching Place(s)

online via Zoom

My Location
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M N.

My twins best English teacher ever
1 year ago

I have browsed a few teachers before I found her for my twins one on two English reading and writing. She is a very patient teacher and very well prepared before lessons. She made small talks with them at the first 5–10 mins to help build their confidence and develop their social skills. They did the writing together on zoom. She would correct their mistakes and introduce the strategies to them and tell them how to improve it to be better with more vocabularies, and guiding them to read some books they had never read before. Twins were looking forward to next lesson every single time. Plus, they were happy to receive her homework instruction after each lesson. Highly recommended.

Lutfur Rahman R.
Great,Exceptionally well, very helpful
1 year ago

I had an exceptionally great experience with my tutor Helena. She is the best teacher I’ve ever had in my English learning journey. I wish I could find her in my earlier stage then life would be different than now. She is very friendly, helpful, patient and I'm able to ask anything.My family and friends tell me that my English was getting better. Helena is earnest and never loses attention while in classes with me. She is also gentle enough to comfort me whenever I asked questions to her randomly and never forget to take notes. I feel confident then before and can speak fluently. I know learning a new language is not possible an overnight. The way she encouraged me really means a lot to me. I really appreciate her efforts and I highly recommend her for any stages of English learners and I promise you won’t regret it.

Masatoshi H.
Great teacher, very practical lessons
1 year ago

I take one-on-one lessons. She provided me with free talk time and text lessons, during which I received constant feedback. Her pronunciation is clear and easy to understand for non-native speakers. Overall, She is a great teacher who provides very practical lessons.

Silvia D.
The best English teacher
1 year ago

I love my English classes with Helena. They are very engaging and useful. She is very professional and her positivity and encouragement make the learning an excellent experience.

Koji S.
1 year ago

I have been taking classes with Helena for about 2 months. I think my listening skills are improving thanks to her. She also corrects my grammatical mistakes in casual conversation, which has improved my speaking skills. In addition she also suggests more natural expressions and vocabulary, which helps me learn English more efficiently.

Haejin J.
An amazing tutor, listener, and communicator!
1 year ago

I have had about 20 classes with Helena, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to improve his/her English. She is not just an amazing tutor but also a great listener and an outstanding communicator. She listens to every sentence I speak and corrects some grammatical errors or proposes more natural ways of saying it. I appreciate this teaching method because just having a casual conversation with a native English speaker does not improve my English, from my own experience with other tutors before Helena. She is also a very authentic and nice person and I have enjoyed every class with Helena so far. I truly think I am fortunate to have met Helena. I want to continue working with her in the future.

Lena B.
1 year ago

Positive atmosphere from the beginning, excellent lessons and helpful advice.


Very patient and friendly
1 year ago

Helena’s lesson plans are thoughtful and thorough, tailored to target my area of weaknesses. She is also very kind and professional when answering my questions.

Fernando S.
1 year ago

She is a very good tutor. I can recommend it.

Jason C.
2 years ago

Because the teacher prepares the lessons carefully, it is easy and fun to learn.

Claudia S.

Great teacher!
2 years ago

I have only great things to say about Helena, professionally saying. She is just amazing, the classes are always fun, full of new vocabulary and focus on your goal. In my case, I was working on my public speaking fear - she has helped me greatly and I'd definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their English abilities. You rock Helena!

Patty A.
The greatest tutor I met
2 years ago

I had a great experience with my tutor Helena, i’ve been learning english for a long time but I couldn’t reach the target Never see much progress in my speaking skills until I found you After a few months I feel confident to talk in English I like the way you teach , very friendly, always motivated me to improve my skills ,now I can watch movies without subtitles You are such a wonderful tutor Helena, thank you so much!

Janine H.
Excellent teacher
2 years ago

Helena is the best teacher I've ever had. She is very friendly, patient, and helpful. She is very experienced and is able to customize the lessons based on her students' ability. She took away my fear of speaking english. I will continue learning english with her.

Maria O.
Excellent teacher
2 years ago

I've been learning English with Helena for 6 months. She is an excellent teacher, always willing to explain with details and customizing examples to understand better. She is nice, encouraging and professional at the same time. I enjoy my classes every time.

Rebecca L.

2 years ago

Her teaching method is very creative and helpful for my son.

Rayehe R.

Professional, Knowledgeable, friendly, thoughtful
2 years ago

I highly recommend Helena as a language teacher. Helena is very knowledgeable and professional. She was always prepared and tailored the course based on what I needed to learn. She is very friendly and thoughtful. She took the time to answer all of my questions thoroughly and really gave me valuable information to get prepared for my interview. I recommend her without any doubt. She is a great teacher.

Ting L.
2 years ago

Helena is an excellent teacher! She is very patient and well prepared for the classes.

Jeehan S.
Wonderful Tutor
2 years ago

Helena is a wonderful tutor I have met. I have been studying with her for several years. There are regular weekly classes. My acquaintances and friends used to tell me that my English was getting better. Helena is earnest and never lost attention while taking classes with me. She is also gentle enough to comfort me whenever I am depressed. As a professional tutor, she knows a lot of vocabulary, idioms and expressions to keep me satisfied and to review what I have studied and then send me back what I have studied to review. I recommend her as your tutor and YOU will be NEVER disappointed.

Caren W.
Highly recommended teacher
2 years ago

I highly recommend Helena as a language teacher. The lessons are always designed the way that I need them to be. I had to pass the TOEFL exam with a really high score and succeeded. Helena is always well prepared, highly professional and supportive! The lessons do not feel like teaching lessons at all - lessons with Tutor Helena are quite fun and time flies by.

Michelle Z.
My favor English teacher
2 years ago

I am a lucky student that I can learn English from Ms. Helena Bezerra. I have learned English from her since the pandemic started. Her schedule is flexible and you don’t need to doubt her professionalism. She is patient and really understands what I needed. I will continue learning from her until I become a fluent English speaker.

Motomi O.

More than excellent!!!
3 years ago

I highly recommend her to you! I bet you can enjoy learning English with her. She is very friendly, patient, and helpful. She is very experienced and is able to customize the lessons based on her students' ability. Also, she always prepares useful materials that I need the most. I'll be sure to keep studying English with her.

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