Vancouver Spanish Language Tutor Bolivia

Spanish Language Tutor Bolivia from Vancouver, BC
Name Bolivia P. Recommended
City Vancouver, BC
Teaching Spanish
Native Language Spanish
Originally From Mexico
Working With Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels I Teach Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Lessons Take Place My Home/Office, Learner's Home or Work, Public Place, Online
Review Rating
Hourly Rate C$45

Spanish teacher from Mexico City with more than nine years' experience teaching in Vancouver. Background as a classroom teacher, online teacher, and as an individual tutor at all levels of Spanish and to all ages.

Education / Certificates

I hold a Master's Degree in Humanities from a Mexican University and studied Education at UBC. I also hold a TESOL certificate from IH Vancouver and work as an ESL teacher.

Professional Experience

I teach grammar based language learning as well as conversational level, to children, adults, and Secondary School students. I work at different schools, companies, and community centers. I prepare students for specific exams like IB, SAT, DELE, and AATSP.

Teaching Approach

I have experience working with different learning and teaching styles and I adjust the lessons' content depending on the students' needs.


I am flexible with the schedule.

Teaching Place(s)

Teaching downtown Vancouver only and online via Skype.

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Mirela O.

Great tutor!
4 months ago

Bolivia is kind and a patient teacher. I enjoyed my classes and learned a lot :). If I have availability in future I will have classes with her again.

Christopher M.

Best tutor ever! A+ A+ A +
5 months ago

Hi there! I first hired Bolivia 5 years ago when I needed to learn Spanish to speak to my wife's parents (they are Mexican). They didn't speak any English at all so there was no communication. I never learned Spanish in high school and only spoke English so you can imagine the predicament I was in. I regularly studied (2 hours / week) with Bolivia and over the course of 2 years I transformed from someone who only knew "cerveza" or "hola" to one who was accepted as a Spanish speaking Canadian. Even to the point where I was the translator for my family and friends when we went on trips and no-one spoke Spanish. This is ALL due to Bolivia and her patient and understanding nature. Homework when I wanted it but no judgement if life got too busy. I have now known Bolivia for 5 years and consider her a friend. We have met in foreign countries to practice Spanish and also practiced via text message. I still study with Bolivia and will never move-on. As my ability increases she pushes me more all while fine tuning the previous lessons. Maybe one day I will be able to speak as fast as everyone else! :) Funny fact! When I had to translate my wedding speech in Mexico to a majority Spanish only crowd, it was Bolivia who I sent the speech on the wedding day for proof reading and adjustments. I promptly received her reply and she saved the day for me! In short: Bolivia is a tremendous teacher and a highly reliable and responsive tutor. Hire her! Best, Chris

Meagan H.
Fantastic choice!
7 months ago

I would recommend Bolivia to anyone who wants to learn Spanish. She's a great teacher! She's professional, well-prepared and such a lovely person. I felt comfortable working with Bolivia from the start. She knows how to give you just enough language to challenge you, but you never feel overwhelmed. She has good energy and focus and she's very patient. She is a fantastic teacher and is very motivating and supportive. Highly recommended!

Lizon P.
Didn’t meet my needs!
8 months ago

I think Bolivia is a good native speaker teacher, she’s definitely flexible with her schedule which is great for me, since my work schedule is all over the place. I wanted to do most of the work on my own and meet with her once or twice a week to see my progress and practice my conversation skills. I feel like she didn’t wanted to give me too much to do on my own or send me more exercises via emails, and because of that I felt like I wasn’t progressing as fast as I wanted to. I’m not a beginner in Spanish and my partner is Spanish native speaker, so I didn’t needed too much, just someone to help me learn a more structured way. After 3 sessions together she left for a 2 weeks vacation, so she wasn’t available to send any work via emails or meet with me. Couple of weeks after she came back, I was away for work so I couldn’t meet with her but I never received any emails with more lessons or exercises for me to do in my free time while away for work. She only sent me an email saying she was leaving on vacation for another 2 months... I don’t know how I was supposed to keep up with my learning! It didn’t meet my needs and I was just loosing my money. I’m just sharing my experience if someone is looking for something similar to me.

Kevin C.
Excellent! 10/10
11 months ago

I’ve been doing lessons with Bolivia 2-3 x per week for 3 months now. My level of Spanish has increased so much in that time. So much so I’m actually able to have conversations with my my native Spanish speaking friends! Bolivia’s ability to find her students learning style has made our classes so much fun while learning so much at the same time, I couldn’t recommend her to anyone enough!

Kevin F.
Kevin F.

very good teacher
1 year ago

Bolivia is a very good teacher, she is always prepared with lots of helpful exercises and worksheets. She is patient and encouraging. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their Spanish language skills.

Brian M.

1 year ago

Well organized. Speaks clearly. Provides good support data for practicing. Flexible in teaching techniques.

Matthew S.

Best language-learning experience
1 year ago

I have been taking online Spanish lessons from Bolivia twice a week for eight months, in preparation for a lengthy trip to Central and South America. The experience has exceeded all my expectations. She is flexible when it comes to scheduling, which has been important to me due to a fairly demanding work schedule. She has tailored and paced the lessons to my anticipated needs and weaknesses as they become apparent. The materials she provides for use during the lessons and as homework are varied and calibrated to whatever I need to work on at whatever level I need to work on it. She's also helped keep things fun and interesting and been very encouraging throughout -- stay motivated! I can't recommend lessons with Bolivia highly enough.

Tami S.

Bolivia was excellent!
1 year ago

Bolivia is super personable, kind and friendly. We always had interesting conversations in Spanish. Bolivia was great at customizing the lessons for my unique needs. I've always found it challenging to find a Spanish lesson that worked for me because I learned Spanish by being immersed in the Spanish language, but with no formal instruction. As a result, my grammar is terrible but my vocabulary is advanced. Bolivia was very encouraging and patient. She was good at adapting on the spot, when it was obvious that the material was too easy for me. I would highly recommend her as a Spanish tutor!

Sabine W.

1 year ago

I very much enjoy working with Bolivia. She is always on time and prepared. Additionally she is very patient, as I am taking my time learning conjugations and new words.

Mike T.
Excellent experience as a beginner
1 year ago

Bolivia's classes are fun and well structured. She also has a great pace so if you are new to Spanish, she will be the perfect teacher for you.

Ada F.
Very patient and great teacher
1 year ago

Been taking Spanish lessons via Boliva for a while now, she is an excellent teacher with a lot of patient. Boliva encourages all her students to participate, no matter what your skill level is; she's a very supportive and positive educator, highly recommend learning from her!

Sean M.

A fantastic teacher!
1 year ago

I've worked with Bolivia for over six months and have seen great improvement in my ability to understand and speak Spanish. Bolivia has been flexible with my schedule and always comes to class prepared with a variety of handouts. She is an expert at adapting the materials to my specific needs and is a pleasure to work with. I couldn't recommend her enough!

Daniel B.
Daniel B.

Excellent in all ways.
1 year ago

I highly recommend Bolivia: she is very knowledgeable and a very good teacher. Have attached photo of my Latina girlfriend and I: even the gf thinks Bolivia is doing a very good job!

Maciel P.

Great teacher!
2 years ago

Bolivia is a great teacher who is patient and easy to learn with. She is knowledgeable and friendly.

Erica P.

A great teacher
2 years ago

I was looking for a Spanish tutor in anticipation of my trip to Spain. It was very good luck that I found Bolivia. We started with two lessons a week, but I enjoyed the lessons so much, and learned so much from Bolivia, that we soon agreed on three lessons a week. Bolivia completely adapted her teaching methods to my needs. If I had no questions, or wasn't certain what to concentrate on, Bolivia chose what she thought I should learn. I was happy to have homework, and she always knew exactly what I needed to work on. It was a pleasure to have Bolivia as a teacher. I plan to continue lessons with her while I am in Spain, and for sure when I return home. In short, I highly recommend Bolivia as an excellent Spanish teacher, for a pupil of any level (or age!).

Chisato N.
Excellent tutor, teacher and friend!
2 years ago

Bolivia is a very friendly yet devoted teacher. It was so fun learning with her. She is always very patient, always answers my concerns and questions. I was a beginner in Spanish. But at any levels you are, I think you will improve well with her lessons because it is fun! My experience with Bolivia was great and as a result, I could order food and wine when I travelled through Spain. I want to visit Mexico one day so I'd like to study more. I highly recommend her!

Abduleliah A.
Greatful experience
2 years ago

Hi this is me Abduleliah Algouss . I’m 23 year old . Engineering student at the university of Memphis ,Tennessee , USA I was in Vancouver I studied Spanish with Bolivia for just two months it change me lots that was without practiceing every day she’s very great for Spainsh language . I’ll not forgot my experience with her in my life I speak 2 language which are English and Spanish. That’s cool .

Sandie Y.
Sandie Y.
Lively and fun class
2 years ago

I took a basic Spanish class with Bolivia at Hola Spanish Centre in Vancouver. First, her command of English is strong and hence, she was able to explain many Spanish terms with ease. Secondly, her classes are often fun and interactive not limited to language itself but also some cultural exchange between the students from all the world. I would highly recommend her as a Spanish tutor, especially for English speaking students with zero experience in Spanish.

Gabriela S.
2 years ago

I took a few Spanish courses at a language school in Vancouver, where I met Bolivia, who was my teacher. I fell more in love with the Spanish language because of the way Bolivia was teaching it, the way she was interacting with us, the students. She’s very knowledgeable and she always made sure that we understood everything before moving on the next topic. I will never forget when one of the students in my class, had a surgery and could not come to a few classes and Bolivia Skyped those few classes, so he won’t miss them. She’s a great teacher

Lena S.
Great teacher for any level
2 years ago

I took an Advanced Spanish class with Bolivia in Vancouver, four days a week, three hours each day. It was an intensive course with plenty of class exercises and coursework to keep you occupied once class ended. Within four weeks, I felt my level of Spanish improve dramatically. What I liked the most about Bolivia was how she was able to accommodate all students in the class, regardless of their level of Spanish. Yes, it was an Advanced course, but students still had different abilities to speak, listen or read in the language. Bolivia was able to structure each class in a way that all of the students could participate and improve. Her classes had a strong foundation in grammar, but she also brought in interesting bits from the "real world," such as songs and newspaper articles. This made the classes more entertaining and was a good reminder of why we all wanted to learn Spanish in the first place. I would highly recommend her as a class teacher or for one-on-one lessons.


Perfect Teacher
2 years ago

Bolivia was a great teacher ...really fun but serious also...on time never canceled Spanish which was nonexistent before the lessons was good after she tutored me. She is well prepared for your lesson and what ever level of Spanish you do or don't have. Cannot recommend her enough.

Elisa G.

Excellent teacher, great with children!
2 years ago

Bolivia is very professional, organized, friendly and patient. She prepares her classes well and has a good teaching system that builds up while being fun (my experience is based on her teaching my children). She is also flexible and accommodating. Bolivia is great to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in learning Spanish!

Paul K.

2 years ago

Bolivia is a superior teacher. She is very organized and totally understands what her students need to learn in Spanish. She has a delightful sense of humor and the hour always flies by very quickly. She is very well educated, reliable and mature. She is everything one needs in a teacher to progress and to really learn a foreign language.

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