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Korean Language Tutor Joohe from Toronto, ON
Name Joohe M. Recommended
City Toronto, ON
Teaching Korean
Native Language Korean
Originally From Korea
Working With Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels I Teach Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Lessons Take Place Online
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Hourly Rate C$40

Hi, welcome to Korean learning Journey! I’m Joohe, a native Korean with a bachelor’s degree in education. +22 years of teaching experience. Teaching has always been my passion. I know how fun and challenging it is to learn a new language. I guarantee you will feel confident and comfortable expressing yourself on any topic sooner than you expect. With my interactive lessons, you will achieve your goals while having an enjoyable time along the way. Happy learning! 

Education / Certificates

Dongguk University - Education 

Ewha Women's University - Korean Teacher Training Program 

George Brown College - Human Resources 

Professional Experience

I'm a certified expert teacher. With more than 22 years of experience in teaching Korean, I have taught private students, language academies, junior high schools, and companies including Samsung, LG, Hitachi. 

Teaching Approach

Everyone has their own goals and learns differently, which is why I customize each lesson to suit each student individually. 

What aspects of Korean are you most interested in focusing on? Whether it's grammar, vocabulary, tests, K pop, dramas, or cultural topics, I've got you covered. This lesson is designed specifically for you.

Throughout our lessons, you'll have plenty of opportunities to express yourself and practice speaking naturally and confidently.

Together, we'll build fluency by expanding your vocabulary and deepening your understanding of Korean culture, helping you become a clear communicator. 

I use a variety of textbooks, personalized materials, and engaging activities to ensure effective learning tailored to your pace and proficiency level.

Students often describe me as dedicated, well-prepared, responsible and patient.

One of my strengths is creating a fun, encouraging, and motivating learning environment.

I'll help you boost your Korean skills and achieve your goals faster. 


Flexible and adaptable to students' schedules. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, requests or concerns. 

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Suzy C.

Excellent and knowledgeable tutor
1 year ago

Joohe is a very knowledgeable tutor and my first lesson was very enjoyable. She made the learning fun and easy and I am very much looking forward to more lessons!


Wonderful teacher!
1 year ago

Joohe is very kind, understanding, thoughtful, and was always willing to help me learn! I really enjoyed our lessons.

Liuba Riveros A.

2 years ago

It has been little over a month with tutor Joohe and I already feel much more confident about my korean. We do a free style conversational lesson with a reading component. Tutor Joohe is very flexible with the lesson style but she also incorporates lots grammar points and useful vocabulary. I am very self-conscious when it comes to speaking in different language but because tutor Joohe is very helpful and kind I feel comfortable speaking. She makes the lesson enjoyable and I look forward to lesson each week

Makaila J.

Highly recommend!!
2 years ago

I started with Tutor Joohe about a month ago, and I am extremely happy I found her! She tailors her lessons to the way you want to learn. Sometimes it can be embarrassing to speak in another language while you're learning, but class is always super comfortable and I don't feel shy about talking. I had a little bit of trouble looking for a tutor who taught more than just beginner and intermediate learners, so I was very happy to find 선생님!

Dennis H.

Wonderful Korean and Japanese tutor
2 years ago

Joohe is a wonderful and competent tutor, I gave her five stars for her patience and care. She is teaching me both Japanese and Korean so that I can see a clear comparison between these two languages. I am so happy to have a teacher like her. I want to continue my language journey with her for the rest of my life,haha.

Noa R.

2 years ago

I recommend Joohe for you korean class! She is very patient and knows what are the main challenges in learning a new language. I get many tips from her, and the lesson match with my learning pace; within a couple weeks, I could make basic sentences. I usually forget or mix my words, but she is understanding and help me with it. Thank you Joohe-ssi!

Vicky H.

Excellent Korean Tutor
2 years ago

I love my Korean class with Joohe! She is so calm and patient and wonderful! She makes plans for every class and let me know what we would be concentrate on at the beginning of each class. Whenever I'm slow and can't remember the grammar or words, she will always lead me through with patience. After couple classes, I can already have small conversation with her in Korean. I would definitely recommend Joohe if you are looking for a Korean tutor!

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