Bulgarian and English Language Tutor Mitko

Bulgarian and English Language Tutor Mitko from Kraków, Poland
Name Mitko D.
City Kraków, Poland
Teaching Bulgarian, English
Native Language Bulgarian
Originally From Bulgaria
Working With Kids (8y+), Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels I Teach Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Lessons Take Place Online
Hourly Rate $40

I'm a reliable and easy-going person that can teach you Bulgarian and help you learn with ease! :) Together we will build a language foundation you can step on with confidence and enrich your experience! My goal is to create a safe and fun environment for you and help you befriend Bulgarian grammar and develop your speaking/listening/understanding/reading skills at a comfortable for you pace. Our lessons are to be focused on your personal goals, topics and interests.

Education / Certificates

I hold a CPE certificate, English Proficiency (Cambridge, C2), and I've been teaching Bulgarian to kids, teens and adults in formal and informal environment for 3 years now.

Professional Experience

With me, lessons are FUN! :) I "secretly" want to empower and encourage everybody and I've been teaching and working extensively with kids, adolescents and adults, personally and in groups for 3 years now.

I'll help you relax and cultivate confidence, create a comfortable and non-judgmental setting for you to advance in, practice or prepare for an exam, at a pace that feels good to you. Together, we'll reach speaking fluency effortlessly, build a strong foundation, get to know how to intuitively use Bulgarian grammar and feel the language as something interesting and adventurous!

Expect FUN :) and insightful conversational practices on topics of your choice, words, association games (with sounds, visualization and writing) where your questions, needs and goals are priority!

Teaching Approach

First and foremost, expect a relaxed and totally non-judgmental class + a friendly and accepting environment!

What else to expect: -funny dialogues, stories and conversations -games -variety of useful and practical exercises -building-association practices (by using sound, visualization and writing) -EASY grammar :) -accent improvement (if wanted) -personalized advancement plan (based on your preferences)

The materials I create are personalized for each student and their needs and goals.

You get all the materials for each and every lesson, quizzes, additional tasks (if wanted), guidelines and A LOT of encouragement :)

Let's learn together!


I am quite flexible :)

Teaching Place(s)

I currently teach only online :)

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