Burnaby Japanese Language Tutor Motomi

Japanese Language Tutor Motomi from Burnaby, BC
Name Motomi O. Recommended
City Burnaby, BC
Teaching Japanese
Native Language Japanese
Originally From Japan
Working With Kids (4y+), Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Lessons Take Place Locally, Online
Hourly Rate C$50

Hi,everyone!I’m Motomi and Japanese Native speaker from Kyoto Japan. Now I live in Burnaby, BC. I have the experience to teach Japanese for a foreigner more than 4 years. My lessons are fully customized- we talk about how you would like to study and build your own study plan. And also can prepare for JLPT(Japanese language proficiency test)to you. For beginners, please do not hesitate to ask me questions in English as I am also an English speaker. My aim is making you enjoy not only the language but also Japanese culture and how we Japanese people comprehend the world. Let’s speak Japanese with me to learn more and enjoy more~!

Education / Certificates
Bachelor of Law, Certified Japanese Language Teacher Training (420 hours)
Professional Experience
Worked at Recruitment agency,and Japanese Language school for foreigner in Japan. Now I'm working at Japanese language academy in Coquitlam and International House near Chinatown.(Completely beginner to advanced and Business level)
Teaching Approach
Beginners ・Direct Method: Vehicular language (English or Chinese) is not used, but Picture cards, Character cards, Photographs, Illustrations, and White board are used for explaining Japanese grammar and conversations. ・Indirect Method: Explain grammar with vehicular language, and practice Japanese conversations. ・I can use both methods to teach. ・Teaching materials:"Minna no Nihongo I, II","DEKIRU Nihongo""GENKI"e.t.c. ・I can teach the grammar needed for the Japanese Language Proficiency level 4,5 test. Intermediate ・In order to strengthen your speaking and listening ability, the lessons based on conversation are taught. ・Composition correction instruction.Middle-class grammar, I can explain with vehicular language to you. ・Teaching Materials: "Minna no Nihongo for middle class",e.t.c. ・I can teach the grammar needed for the Japanese Language Proficiency level 2,3 test. Advanced ・Use real materials like Newspapers, Magazines, Novels, e.t.c, for improving your speaking ability. ・Composition correction instruction for people that have a high level of Japanese language. Business ・Business conversation (Honorific), Business manner, Telephone manners, Business email, e.t.c., and have practice in using actual data. ・I have actual working experience with Japanese recruitment consultant company in Japan for 4 years. ・So I also can help you to prepare for jab interview and making your resume.
Monday to Friday in the morning, Saturday
Teaching Place(s)
Locally or online lessons. If you want to take my lesson after 7:00pm, we can have our lesson only via Skype.Please tell me where you can go for lesson.
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