Japanese Language Tutor Motomi from Vancouver

Japanese Language Tutor Motomi from Vancouver, BC
Name Motomi O. Recommended
City Vancouver, BC
Teaching Japanese
Native Language Japanese
Originally From Japan
Working With Kids (4y+), Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels I Teach Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Lessons Take Place Public Place, Online
Review Rating
Hourly Rate C$48

Hi,everyone!I’m Motomi and Japanese Native speaker from Kyoto Japan. Now I live in Vancouver, BC. I have the experience to teach Japanese for a foreigner more than 6 years. My lessons are fully customized- we talk about how you would like to study and build your own study plan. And also can prepare for JLPT (Japanese language proficiency test) to you. For beginners, please do not hesitate to ask me questions in English as I am also an English speaker. My aim is making you enjoy not only the language but also Japanese culture and how we Japanese people comprehend the world. Let’s speak Japanese with me to learn more and enjoy more~!

Education / Certificates

Bachelor of Law, Certified Japanese Language Teacher Training (420 hours)

Professional Experience

Worked at Recruitment agency,and Japanese Language school for foreigner in Japan. Now I'm working at Japanese language academy in Coquitlam, Vancouver Japanese Language School and International House near Chinatown.(Completely beginner to advanced and Business level)

Teaching Approach


  • Direct Method: Vehicular language (English or Chinese) is not used, but Picture cards, Character cards, Photographs, Illustrations, and White board are used for explaining Japanese grammar and conversations. 
  • Indirect Method: Explain grammar with vehicular language, and practice Japanese conversations.
  • I can use both methods to teach.
  • Teaching materials: "Minna no Nihongo I, II","DEKIRU Nihongo", "GENKI", e.t.c.
  • I can teach the grammar needed for the Japanese Language Proficiency level 4,5 test. 


  • In order to strengthen your speaking and listening ability, the lessons based on conversation are taught.
  • Composition correction instruction. Middle-class grammar, I can explain with vehicular language to you.
  • Teaching Materials: "Minna no Nihongo for middle class", e.t.c.
  • I can teach the grammar needed for the Japanese Language Proficiency level 2,3 test.


  • Use real materials like Newspapers, Magazines, Novels, e.t.c, for improving your speaking ability.
  • Composition correction instruction for people that have a high level of Japanese language. 


  • Business conversation (Honorific), Business manner, Telephone manners, Business email, e.t.c., and have practice in using actual data.
  • I have actual working experience with Japanese recruitment consultant company in Japan for 4 years.
  • So I also can help you to prepare for job interview and making your resume.

Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 7 pm

Teaching Place(s)

Locally or online lessons. If you want to take my lesson after 7:00pm, we can have our lesson only via Skype. Please tell me where you can go for lesson.

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Brandon V.
highly recommend!
2 months ago

Motomi is a very patient and thoughtful tutor. She spends the time to go over the lessons with you and ensure that you understand them. Afterwards she will give you some questions to work through and help you when you get stuck. She also pulls material from multiple different sources to ensure a wider variety of learning topics.

Jorden L.

Wonderful and Thorough Sessions
2 months ago

One note to keep in mind is that this review is from the perspective of someone who started receiving tutoring at the Intermediate level. Motomi is an excellent, thorough tutor who is able to quickly gauge what needs to be worked on more, provide clear and concise instruction, and provide interesting and fun sessions. If you decide to go with her, you will not regret it!

Jan L.
3 months ago

Motomi is an excellent teacher. She took the time to assess my level of ability and patiently explains difficult sections and connects it to the concepts that I know. In addition to learning grammar, I told her that I also wanted to improve my conversational skills and she customized the lesson to help me reach my goal. I can now confidently say that I have improved thanks to her tutelage. One of the things I like about her is that she goes beyond the lesson material to help me develop my interest in Japan and its culture, and show me how Japanese people talk and think. I can wholeheartedly recommend her as a tutor for somebody who is trying to improve their Japanese ability and have fun while doing it.

Tj L.

3 months ago

I can’t begin to say how good of a tutor motomi has been. She’s patient, consistent, and incredibly knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning Japanese!!!

Jessie Z.

7 months ago

Motomi is an excellent teacher who explains concepts very clearly. She also points out common mistakes that people make so I could avoid those in the future. She keeps a good record of students' progress and I would recommend her highly!

Louisa C.

In love with Japanese all over again!
8 months ago

I lived in Japan a long time ago and reached an intermediate to advanced level, but hadn't spoken or taken lessons for over 25 years. Motomi put me at ease right away with her focused, yet friendly and fun teaching style. Together, we found a way to refresh my knowledge of Japanese and build on it. I can honestly say that learning with Motomi has made me fall in love with Japanese all over again!

Queenie L.

Excellent Japanese teacher based in Vancity!
10 months ago

Sensei Motomi is the best teacher you can find for starting your Japanese journey. She is patient, clear, energetic, and the most importantly a native Japanese; with that, she not only teaches you grammar, vocab, slangs, but also introduces you to the Japanese culture. Would highly recommend Sensei Motomi if you are thinking about starting Japanese!!

Michael John M.

10 months ago

I am currently learning from Motomi Sensei, whom I have met with for one on one lessons in Vancouver. She has made the learning experience to be fun and she always emphasizes details from big to small in order to help further my skills and proficiency with Japanese. She is a great teacher and I recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning about Japanese language and culture.

Miki H.
10 months ago

My lessons with Motomi Sensei are wonderful. My Japanese was at an odd level due to self-teaching for 2 years, but she has tailored my lessons which has helped my skill level increase significantly. Motomi also makes sure our lessons are super fun, I've learned so much about Japanese culture and I always leave our lessons energized.

J K.

11 months ago

Motomi is a very good teacher who caters to her students' specific needs and goals, whether they are beginner or advanced level. Her fun and easygoing attitude makes it easy to get along with her as well as make lessons seem to fly by! She's always willing to meet you where you need to be while giving a slight push to help you improve. I am glad to have her as my Japanese tutor :)

Kelly S.

Organized, Informative, Kind
1 year ago

I have had a good experience with Motomi, and I've been studying with her for about a month. She's very organized and informative. I like how she includes her PowerPoint slides in our lessons. I would definitely recommend taking classes with Motomi to improve your Japanese skills!

Al V.

One of the BEST tutors/teachers..period
1 year ago

Motomi sensei is one of the best Japanese tutors around. She makes it fun learning the language, but at the same time ensuring that you're learning at the right phase. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Japanese tutor!! A++++ Thanks for being awesome, Motomi Sensei!!! 本当に素晴らしいですよ

William Y.

10 Star Japanese Tutor
1 year ago

I have been studying with Motomi for almost four months now. Motomi was very friendly and planned her lessons carefully. She went above and beyond the expectations of a tutor taking her time to curate lesson plans specifically tailored to my mind. Whenever I had a question, she always made sure I understood what we were working on. I have also seen an improvement in my Japanese communication skills. Overall, I would definitely recommend taking your Japanese lesson with Motomi!

Cristina M.

Wonderful teacher
1 year ago

My daughter is a teenager and found her on internet, and made the right choice. She's very happy with Motomi and enjoys a lot the classes and exercices she gives her. I can see her motivation to learn Japanese and I see great progress with only 1 class per week. Very professional and fun at the same time. Would recommend her to anyone.

Bailey J.

Exactly what I was hoping for!
1 year ago

I was very shy to start learning Japanese but Motomi makes the environment very comfortable. She is always engaged and more then willing to answer any questions you have! Not only that but she takes the time to catch up with you about your life and makes a point of remembering details for the next sessions. Definitely great overall and I’m very happy with my progress!

Benjamin S.

Great beginner experience
1 year ago

I started learning as a complete beginner with Motomi and she was great in helping me learn the basics and progress at a pace I felt comfortable with. She's very friendly and professional, making a great learning experience.

James N.
Efficient and fun
1 year ago

Lessons are productive, balance of learning the intricacies of the language as well as the culture. I've made great progress in oral proficiency.

John H.
The best
1 year ago

Motomi is the best teacher I could ever ask for. She makes learning Japanese incredibly fun and endlessly engaging. Her easygoing attitude and never ending patience create a comfortable atmosphere to learn the tough subject. She is always around to answer questions through email or text. The lessons regularly engage with real world scenarios so it never feels like a dry classroom environment. Every lesson feels like you're learning genuinely applicable language skills to use in everyday conversation. I've had her as my tutor for almost two years now. I'm eternally grateful to have had her as a teacher. :)

Zach C.

1 year ago

Motomi and I just finished our 4th month together learning Japanese. I have nothing but great things to say about her and her teaching style. Prior to our lessons I was a self-learner with only 3 months behind me working out of a textbook. I thought I was doing fine on my own but I knew I needed to get a Japanese native to try out my conversion skills. Which is how I found Motomi. Turns out the way I was pronouncing many words were wrong and even how I was writing certain Hiragana was wrong. We decided Genki was the best book for us to use and we would do the drill work together and she wouldn't let me get to the next drill unless she knew 100% I totally understood the concept which is what I needed. Motomi has given me homework also and has separate PowerPoints on tougher concepts. She goes up and above for her students and if I'm having trouble on the workbook I can text or call anytime. I recommend for beginners all the way to the even most advance students.

Ken W.

"Excellent Tutor to learn with!"
1 year ago

Motomi is very knowledgeable about Japanese and Japanese Culture. I learn and am still learning a lot from her as she is an outstanding tutor for students of all levels.

Winton S.

Great Japanese Tutor
1 year ago

Motomi-sensei is friendly, adaptive, and hardworking. She is willing to go the extra mile and that is not something that can be said of all private language tutors. Excellent teacher, highly recommended.

Elizabeth Z.
Amazing tutor!
1 year ago

Motomi makes learning a new language super fun and less intimidating! My friend and I have had the pleasure to study with her for more than half a year now, and I leave each lesson feeling motivated and excited for the next one. I really appreciate her patience and how she always makes sure we're engaged with the material and understand concepts/grammar topics fully. It's clear how much she cares about our learning, as she'll sometimes provide extra practice and suggest ways to help us improve areas we're struggling with. Especially as someone who currently works full-time, it's been great having Motomi help me stay consistent in learning Japanese and making the experience overall very enjoyable.

Maggie C.

Super amazing!
1 year ago

Really good at what she does and makes tailored plans for your studies, while adjusting as you go. Highly recommend!

Julie Q.

Amazing Japanese Tutor!
1 year ago

Motomi is an amazing teacher! She was able to customize the lesson according to my needs, and her patience is something that I am especially grateful for. Now I feel much more confident in using different Japanese grammar patterns and vocabulary.

Sarah S.

wonderful tutor
1 year ago

Motomi is a fantastic tutor. She's engaging, patient, and meets you where you're at in your level of learning. I've been studying with her for about a year now and I feel like she's really helped me stay consistent with my language learning - and she makes it fun too! I'd highly recommend Motomi to anyone who wants to learn Japanese.

Shoni C.

Best tutor hands down
1 year ago

Motomi is the best tutor I’ve ever had the pleasure of learning from. She is patient and deeply cares about the learning experience of her pupils. I’ve always struggled with the speaking aspect of Japanese, but working with Motomi has increased my confidence and better prepared me for real life interactions. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her help.

Alyssa F.

Amazing tutor
1 year ago

I have known and been tutored by Motomi for over one year now. In that time she has been an amazing tutor for me and helped me get on track for my goals. Her teaching is always professional, constructive and encourages me to keep trying my best. I’m always really happy that I reached out to her to be my teacher and I will continue to learn from her :)

Enrico C.
Enrico C.

Best tutor for Japanese
2 years ago

About one year ago I started taking lessons with Motomi San. I think thanks to Motomi San, I have been able to stay on track for my Japanese language learning goals. It's only 1 hour lessons but I feel that it is a very beneficial hour for me and I learn lot's. She always has well prepared classes, new learning methods and good textbook recommendations. She is a very kind, helpful and motivating teacher. I owe most of my little progress in Japanese to my teacher. Maybe I am biased but I think whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced you can definitely benefit from starting lessons with Motomi San :) Good luck.

Mark C.

2 years ago

Motomi-sensei was an excellent tutor! I really appreciated that she made a study plan based on my interests and Japanese learning objectives. She was very good at observing the pace of my learning. For topics I was familiar with, we covered them quickly. For new topics, or for material where I was having more difficulty, she would slow things down to make sure that I understood and to let me practice more. For a beginner, it was great that she spoke so clearly and that helped me understand. I was studying Japanese to prepare for a trip that got cancelled because of the pandemic. But I continued to take lessons with Motomi because it was so interesting and she also made the lessons fun. When my trip to Japan is finally rescheduled, I will resume lessons with Motomi to brush up again and improve.

Soum K.

2 years ago

It is not easy to pick up a new language in adulthood and when I first started learning Japanese on my own, it felt like an insurmountable challenge. However, ever since tutoring with Motomi that perspective has changed and I am extremely happy with the progress I’ve made so far. Motomi carefully personalizes her lesson plans to adapt to the students’ pace and needs. She also provides cultural context wherever applicable, which makes a huge difference. She always goes above and beyond the textbook lessons to teach useful vocabulary and phrases. She takes a lot of care to listen and teach pronunciation and intonations. Most importantly she is super amicable with a lively personality, which makes the lessons very engaging. I couldn’t have asked for a better tutor to learn Japanese from!

Lily Z.

Simply Amazing
2 years ago

Motomi has not only been helpful to my studies in Japanese, but is also willing to spend her time with me and engage me further in my learnings. I'm an advanced level Japanese learner, and Motomi is able to use that advantage to plan the best lessons for me. My usage of "keigo" has improved drastically since beginning my lessons with her, and I feel much more confident speaking and expressing myself in Japanese. She's the best!

Jack C.
Very Professional
2 years ago

Motomi Sensei is very patient and helpful. She is very experienced and is able to customize the lessons based on her students' ability.

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