Music Subjects Tutor Giovanna from Montréal

Music Subjects Tutor Giovanna from Montréal, QC
Name Giovanna G.
City Montréal, QC
Teaching Music Production, Songwriting, Singing and Voice, Music Software, Music Theory, Ear Training, Music Composition, Keyboard
Speaking English, Portuguese, Spanish
Originally From Brazil
Working With Kids (10y+), Youth, Adults
Levels I Teach Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Lessons Take Place Locally, Online
Hourly Rate C$46

Brazilian with vast experience in ear training, keyboard, rhythm, singing, and music coach. My music taste is very ample, with influences from Italian and Latin music to electronic and hip-hop, been in love with music my whole life and I'd love to pass this interest forward.

Education / Certificates

I'm also a Bachelors in Foreign Affairs and currently working a full-time home office job in Montréal.

Professional Experience

I'm a self-taught musician by heart, studied and practiced this talent since age 11, and never stopped going after my vision.

Teaching Approach

To know the other and develop their will to thrive, in my humble opinion there aren't better ways to learn than to validate each other and let it grow organically. Music is passion and it should be a path to internal realization. I'm the daughter of a wonderful children's teacher, always admired and praise my mother for she is the font of all my talents and ambitions.


I have the early mornings and weekends available. If you're interested we can always schedule an introductory class to know you better, my method is pure dedication. I'd rather teach young people or at least not older than me (25yo).

Teaching Place(s)

I can do online classes via your preferred way, I'm also willing to teach in-person depending on the conditions of the place, as I work a home office job and don't have a dedicated place to receive someone here. Currently, I have only a couple of keyboards at home, but I have vast experience with the guitar and rhythm section. I have ample knowledge of digital production, beat-making, audio editing, and VSTs as well. I really love to study and anything I can help you with to thrive this passion for music would be my pleasure.

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