Art and Painting Tutor Ellie

Name Ellie M.
City Orléans, ON
Teaching Art, Painting
Speaking English, Persian
Originally From Iran
Working With Kids (4y+)
Levels I Teach Beginner
Lessons Take Place Online
Hourly Rate C$30

More than 15 years of experience working with children, I can be helpful in motivating the development of children as well as guiding them to a positive learning environment. I am a caring, passionate and loving person. Being mother of my amazing son and daughter, the passion for working with children increased even more within me.

Education / Certificates

I graduated at Art university and also Anderson college (Toronto)

Professional Experience
  • Volunteer at remote learning with grade three as an Art teacher
  • Art teacher in Lia art school (Thornhill, ON)
  • Art tutor teacher
Teaching Approach

Helped to establish art programs for students and help them to develop their creativity with oil color and acrylic and pastel.


I am flexible and easily adapt to my student's schedule.

Teaching Place(s)

I can teach with Skype, what's up.

My Location
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