Polish Language Tutor Paulina from Linden

Name Paulina B.
City Linden, NJ, USA
Teaching Polish
Native Language Polish
Lessons Take Place Locally
Hourly Rate $20

Was born in Poland, have lived in America since I was five years old, and am equally fluent in both English and Polish.

Education / Certificates
Currently a student at Rutgers University, New Brunswick
Professional Experience
Have tutored privately before for two different elementary school students in English and Math. Have also tutored as a duty to the National Honor Society.
Teaching Approach
I would teach the child basics, but make sure he has a grasp of the language in a daily "face-to-face" aspect. In other words, not just teach them memorization or words, but an overall grasp of the language.
I am flexible at this time.
Teaching Place(s)
Preferably at student's home or a local cafe.
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