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Tigrinya Language Tutor Agazit from Istanbul, Turkey
Name Agazit T.
City Istanbul, Turkey
Teaching Tigrinya
Native Language Arabic
Originally From Eritrea
Working With Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels I Teach Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Lessons Take Place Online
Hourly Rate $30

Tigrigna and arabic native speaker

Education / Certificates

second year high school

Professional Experience

1 year of teaching experience . i teach through conversation.

Teaching Approach

im teaching them through conversation... and i give them chance to ask me what ever they want.


all day im availabe except one day a week my day off. 

ኣብ ዝኾነ እዋን ይምህር,ብዘይካ ሓንቲ ናይ ዕረፍቲ መዓልቲ.....

Teaching Place(s)

on skype

My Location
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