Philosophy, Literature, Study Skills, Humanities and Science Tutor Brenden from Vancouver

Philosophy, Literature, Study Skills, Humanities and Science Tutor Brenden from Vancouver, BC
Name Brenden M. Recommended
City Vancouver, BC
Teaching Philosophy, Literature, Study Skills, Humanities, Science
Speaking English
Originally From Canada
Working With Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels I Teach Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Lessons Take Place Public Place, Online
Hourly Rate C$45

I studied Philosophy and English in school. My top interests include the mind, cosmology, deep ecology, and ethics. In 2000 on my parent's bookshelf, I found "Philosophy: The Basic Issues." Never stop investigating!

Education / Certificates

I earned my B.A. with a major in philosophy and a minor in English at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo. 

During six years at VIU, I also took many elective courses in sociology, linguistics, music, math, and physics. In my years there, I had a special focus on Deep Ecology in the 20th Century which included directed studies on Spinoza's influence.

I list science as a subject; however, I clarify that I mean philosophy of science and that I can talk about many so to speak "meta" aspects of "big" questions in science, like navigating ideas such as "where in time is the universe?" or "how might consciousness interface with physics, because obviously we have minds and bodies simultaneously?"

I also have an "unrelated" Audio Engineering and Production certification. However, music and art are very close to language and philosophical inclination.

Professional Experience

In grade school, my peers called me "a human dictionary" because sometimes I get synonyms rapidly. But big words took time to make.

Cultural histories inform how languages take dozens of centuries to derive etymologically. There are a whole bunch of words that "branch" in academia which have their "roots" in the "mud" of history.

Talking reading, writing, eating, and sleeping... Run these on a loop while you go to school to get the most out of it.

Never stop learning. To communicate turns ideas into knowledge and might just inspire enough social effort.

Teaching Approach

I would be a good tutor for an undergrad student in philosophy, English, or some humanities courses.

I think if you were able to identify areas in which you wish to gain some insights or learn about, I hope to help you approach researching by framing the issues in a productive way.

For example, old writing from another era, the meaning can seem opaque. When we reveal what they could mean using some ideas and examples from closer to our day, however, we can get to some "Aha!" moments.

I like to chat out issues and work on things in an inclusive and ranging way, doing so with the skills and resources we have.


I'm available as shown in this schedule.

I think 1 or 1.5 hr sessions are best for this type of tutoring where you bring topics and we explore some ideas.

Teaching Place(s)
  • In person is OK.
  • Zoom or chat is OK.
  • Cafe or public library is OK.

Let's meet at a library or cafe, or have a chat via audio/video.

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Sophie B.

SO helpful!
6 months ago

Brenden simplified the concepts in my philosophy class, so that I could understand them and apply them to modern-day situations. He would also come up with relevant examples for my field of study (health care). I am not sure how I would have gotten through these texts without his support!

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