Thornhill Russian Language Tutor Vladimir

Russian Language Tutor Vladimir from Thornhill, ON
Name Vladimir C.
City Thornhill, ON
Additional Location Vaughan
Teaching Russian
Native Language Russian
Originally From Ukraine
Working With Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Lessons Take Place Locally, Online
Hourly Rate C$35

Russian native speaker with Master Degree in science (physics; thermodynamics; engineering; computer science); Studied in 3 universities, in 3 different languages: Odessa, Ukraine (Russian); Tel-Aviv, Israel (Hebrew); Toronto, ON (English).

Education / Certificates
Studied in 3 universities, in 3 different languages: Odessa University - physics; thermodynamics, Ukraine (Russian); Tel-Aviv University - engineering, Israel (Hebrew); York University - computer science, Toronto, ON (English).
Professional Experience
1979-1990 Odessa, Ukraine, thermodynamics, research & Development; 1990-1995 Tel-Aviv, Israel, engineering, research & Development; 1995-2018 Toronto, ON – High-Tec, research & Development.
Teaching Approach
Standard practices; modern Israeli “mother-kid” type method; custom
5 days a week; flexible time
Teaching Place(s)
Online; at my home
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