Toronto English and Russian Language Tutor Anastasia

English Language Tutor Anastasia from Toronto, ON
Name Anastasia M.Recommended
City Toronto, ON
Teaching English, Russian
Native Language Russian
Working With Youth, Adults, Groups
Lessons Take Place Locally
Review Rating
Hourly Rate C$50

Russian native speaker with a Master’s degree in English Linguistics and over 15 years of language teaching experience: 3 years as a University instructor, 2 years as a school teacher and 12 years as a tutor.

Education / Certificates
Master's Degree in English Linguistics (High Honours)
Professional Experience
I have been teaching English and Russian for over 15 years. During this time I have worked with students of all age groups: from 6 to 60! I have successfully taught a variety of courses, including Conversational Russian, Russian Grammar, Accent Reduction, Exam Preparation, Conversational English, IELTS preparation, Legal English etc. I love working with students of any level: from Beginner to Advanced. I have been living in Toronto since 2013 and went to college here.
Teaching Approach
The program is tailored to meet the student's requirements and objectives.
Teaching Place(s)
Toronto Reference Library (Yonge & Bloor), coffee shops
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Nicholas Y.
Nicholas Y.

Concise, clear, effective
7 months ago

Compared to Berlitz and Rosetta Stone, Anastasia is miles above. Here’s why: Berlitz will treat you like a child. Not “translating” is well and good, but showing up to point at pictures and identify words (at 100+usd per pop) is not only insultingly juvenile, but nearly criminally expensive. Rosetta Stone is equally confusing and slightly condescending. May work over time to imprint the language, but Russian is technical and difficult and requires real work. This is my 6th language, 4th as an adult, and I learned more (Russian) in 2 hours with Anastasia than $1500 and three years with other programs. Motivation is key in a language and the workload given, plus cirriculum provided by Anastasia is perfect. She is very adaptable (I began by asking questions at my level, but have since scrapped everything and asked her to teach me from the beginning). This will be the best investment you have spent on yourself in a very long time.

Bryan B.

Anastasia: Could not be Better!
9 months ago

I am very happy to write a comment about Anastasia as a language tutor: she is tops. Very organized and planful, yet patient and adaptive when the lesson does not go as planned. She is friendly and gentle, but underneath you know she means business..... She is tutoring me in Russian; I actually am writing this review from Moscow, where I am currently on vacation, and making use of many of the concepts that she and I have discussed. She is clear in her explanations, and clearly very knowledgeable. I would recommend her highly to anyone interested in learning Russian.

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