French Language Tutor Barbara from Vancouver

French Language Tutor Barbara from Vancouver, BC
Name Barbara C. Recommended
City Vancouver, BC
Additional Location North Vancouver
Teaching French
Native Language French
Originally From France
Working With Kids (6y+), Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels I Teach Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Lessons Take Place Locally, Online
Review Rating
Hourly Rate C$50

Full-time tutor, native French speaker from Paris, France. I have nine years of experience in tutoring French, and I've been a full-time tutor for nearly four years.  All levels are accepted, adults and kids.  I create lessons tailored to my students' level, goals and progress. Free discovery call before we start lessons. - Help with exam preparation: TEF/TCF (immigration purposes), DELF/DALF, SLE, AP French) - French grade 1 to 12 and French immersion programs - Adults beginner to advanced.  Online group lessons are available for a reduced price, ask for details. There is a 24-hour policy for cancellations or no-shows. 

Visit for more info.

Education / Certificates

Masters' degree in Business and Marketing

Professional Experience
  • Online French private tutor, Canada - all ages and levels (full-time, 4,5 years)
  • French tutor for refugees and immigrants in Paris - beginner/intermediate levels, adults (part-time, 1,5 years)  
  • French Tutor for international students in France - youth and adults (part-time, 2 years)
  • French and Mathematics tutor for kids and youth (part-time, 2 years)
Teaching Approach

All the lessons are tailored to each student, and I adjust the lesson plan to the student's progress. 

I cover grammar, speaking, listening, and writing. Even if the student needs to focus on written French, I do my best to allow some time for speaking French, as it is the best way to progress and be able to communicate with French speakers (which should be the ultimate goal). 

I assign Homework and send extra materials if needed. 

For kids, I do regular follow-ups with parents. 

And, of course, I try to keep it fun and enjoyable. This is my full-time job, not just a side hustle, so I put a lot of effort into preparing the lessons and teaching. My goal is for my students to success, and I love to see their progress along the way. 

I created Je Parle French, a French tutoring services company, in 2023. Visit for more info


Weekdays preferred.

Weekends are possible if needed. 

Teaching Place(s)

Online tutoring only at the time

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Mason B.
Excellent tutor
12 months ago

Barbara is a great tutor. It's very easy to feel comfortable with her, and easliy has you relaxed for, and through, the learning process. She does adapt to you for how you learn, and the learning process feels smooth and simple. Highly recommend Barbara.

Jean R.

Top notch
1 year ago

Inspired great confidence in a short period of time.

Samantha L.

1 year ago

I’ve had a great time working with Barbara! She understood my goals for our lessons, and designed them specifically for them. I appreciate the time and dedication she provides to ensure I fully grasp concepts, and she continues to help me advance! I would highly recommend Barbara to anyone hoping to become a better French student.

Robert Nelson N.
Totally professional & knowledgeable
1 year ago

I made a great decision when I chose Barbara to be my French language tutor. She's totally professional, well organized and very knowledgeable. I love that she was born in France is therefore able to advise me on how French people actually say things. This gives me confidence that I'm learning the proper way to express ideas in French. In the beginning, Barbara took the time to find out what was most important to me as it concerns my overall goals in French and then tailored our lessons to help me accomplish those goals. We are still on that journey and our lessons have been a lot of fun!

Magnus C.

1 year ago

Barbara is a wonderful French tutor and I would highly recommend her! She tailors lesson plans to your needs and wants, which means I never fail to learn something new with each lesson. I enjoy my classes because she’s patient, accommodating, and great at explaining concepts. Whether you’re new to your language learning journey or you’re an advanced French student, I’m confident that Barbara will be able to suit your learning needs!

MoiYin N.

1 year ago

My goal is to improve my fluency in French. Barbara has been instrumental in helping me to achieve this goal in the past year. She customizes the lessons, patiently listens to and corrects me while writing out the proper phrase. Barbara understands what it is like to learn a new language. Since I started taking lessons from her, my vocabulary, conversation and listening skills have all improved vastly. As a French language tutor, Barbara is a natural.

Paolo D.

Thoughtful, positive and excellent tutor
2 years ago

I've been taking classes with Barbara for six weeks now, and I can already notice a significant change in my French skills. We have worked a lot on my grammar and writing, as my goal is to work in France someday. She is very patient, knowledgeable and you can see she put a lot of work in preparing each lesson. I can request homework and extra help every time I feel like it, and she always responds quickly. I also love the French conversations we have, it's been huge help in improving both my speaking and understanding. I highly recommend her!

Attentive and Patient
2 years ago

Barbara is an excellent tutor. She’s incredibly thoughtful in her lesson plans that integrate real world situations. She’s helped me become a more confident speaker.

Erin S.

Kind and knowledgeable
2 years ago

Barbara has been working with our 7 and 10 year old children since September 2020. We have found Barbara to be a kind and knowledgeable person and our children are always happy to see her. Barbara's lessons are thoughtfully organized and specific to the children's learning needs and she makes the lessons enjoyable through her warm and relaxed personality. Barbara is always on time, replies to emails in a timely manner, and is accommodating to adapting schedules when necessary. Our children have gained a lot of confidence in their French oral language skills which has transferred well into their written work. We've seen a tremendous improvement in their ability to speak and write in French and we have been very grateful for Barbara's help.

Isabella C.
Excellent tutor!
3 years ago

Barbara helped me with my french when I arrived in France to study. I was struggling with my french, she gave me classes twice a week. It worked very well, she helped me to become fluent and even pass some french tests. I highly recommend her either you are a beginner or intermediate speaker.

Margo G.
Margo G.
Excellent, positive and smart teacher!
4 years ago

Barbara is a talented teacher and a brilliant communicator. We’ve met in Vancouver on a hike and Barbara offered to help me practice French before meeting my in-laws in Switzerland. She’s not only improved my grammar and vocabulary, but made me feel so much more confident in speaking French. She introduced a lot of different exercises, provided constructive feedback and hands on materials. I’ve also introduced her to my nephew and niece and she is SO great around the kids. As a native French speaker, Barbara will not only teach you French, but also share her culture and history. I would definitely recommend her to all my friends.

Philippe L.
Very good !
4 years ago

I was speaking French a couple of years back but was encountering difficulties with writing and many spelling mistakes. I took a couple of classes and Barbara explained the basics again to me. She paid special attention to my needs and adjusted her teaching to my way of learning which made it much easier and simpler for me to quickly understand and get a hang of the subtle tricks of French. I really recommend her whether you're seeking to get a hang of the basics or looking perfecting your language skills.

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