Victoria Japanese Language Tutor Taeko

Japanese Language Tutor Taeko from Victoria, BC
Name Taeko T. Recommended
City Victoria, BC
Teaching Japanese
Native Language Japanese
Originally From Japan
Working With Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels I Teach Beginner, Intermediate
Lessons Take Place My Home/Office, Online
Review Rating
Hourly Rate C$25

Hello. I’m a landed immigrant from Japan. I’ve studied how to teach at university in Japan. I’ve been teaching Japanese since 2003. I’m kind, friendly and patient.

Education / Certificates

I have certificates of teaching English (math and elementary school as well) in Japan and use the same technique to teach Japanese.

Professional Experience

I’ve been teaching Japanese to mainly Canadian students since 2003. I’ve also taught Chinese, Korean and European students. I have helped students with high school Japanese and Japanese Proficiency Test level 2, 3 and 4. My last student took my lessons for 4 years.

Teaching Approach

My focus is speaking. With my last student, we talked a lot in Japanese. I cover reading in the lessons. Writing practice is your homework. I also like using songs to help you memorize some Japanese words, but you don’t need to sing them if you don’t like.


I welcome you; Monday 3:30pm to 5pm, Tuesday 10am to 2pm, Wednesday 10am to 2pm, Thursday 10am to 2pm and 3:30pm to 5pm

Teaching Place(s)

Right now in this pandemic, I offer online lessons, but when it’s settled we go back to face-to-face lessons. 

Please come to my house if possible. If I’m visiting your place, bus transportation fee ($5) will be added. Depends on the location, I may not be able to come to your place.

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Timothy C.
Excellent tutor
8 months ago

I had my lessons with her for a little over 2 and a half year until I have to relocate out of town due to work some five years ago. The format was one on one during that time and she was very kind and patience and was very adaptive to your needs in terms of lesson structure. When I moved out of town she even offered to have Skype lesson with me but unfortunately it just didn't work out due to my work hour changes. I would totally recommend this tutor if you are interested in starting/continuing your Japanese study.


Absolutely an excellent Japanese tutor
8 months ago

I had Taeko sensei as my Japanese tutor for well over a year. What I like is that she is very well prepared in advance; I love her textbook Ganbatte!; she prepares worksheets; she gives homework; she modifies and adapts the lessons to my level (I'm a beginner); speaks mostly in Japanese slow enough, and will repeat or paraphrase when needed; she brings different materiel to supplement the lessons, such as games, Japanese objects, calendars, etc; she writes all the notes for me such as vocabulary, key sentences, kanji, grammar points; the setting is very quiet and private (in her own dining room), and she always offers a nice pot of tea. But must importantly, she is very friendly and super easy to work with. You'll like her too.


8 months ago

Taeko is gracious, enthusiastic and I loved the sessions. It really helped me to be prepared for my travels in Japan. She serves tea with the lesson. She’s very good.

Graham L.

Great tutor!
9 months ago

Taeko is a patient and motivated teacher- happy to answer questions, and rewards curiosity and vigor. Highly recommended!

Andre A R.

Outstanding teacher!
1 year ago

Very committed and dedicated teacher, Taeko sensei always prepare her classes ahead of time and will teach you exactly what you need cording to your level and reason you want to learn, she always welcome me with a very positive atitude and a delicious cup of macha tea. I recommend rather you are a Japanese student with lots of experience or if you are just a beginner. Thanks to her now I feel confident enough to go on my journey Japan and keep learning while living there

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