Mandarin Chinese and English Language Tutor Xin

Mandarin Chinese and English Language Tutor Xin from Markham, ON
Name Xin Z. Recommended
City Markham, ON
Teaching Mandarin Chinese, English
Native Language Mandarin Chinese
Originally From China
Working With Kids (8y+), Youth, Adults
Levels I Teach Beginner
Lessons Take Place Online
Hourly Rate C$25

160 Mandarin lessons have been delivered through personal face-to-face teaching and Zoom meetings since three years ago. I grew up in China mainland and I have a passion for languages. I offer one free trial lesson. I will complete TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language Program) with the last two courses at Seneca College of Canada. I am teaching both Mandarin and English. 

Education / Certificates

Shanxi Commerce School; Expectant TEFL program completion in Seneca College of Canada. 

Professional Experience

I have been teaching my students to establish confidence to learn Mandarin through the differences and similarities of Chinese and English. Mandarin is a tone language and many students will experience difficulties with tone and I have a strategy to establish their tone ability. On the other hand, I teach my students to understand and acquire Mandarin through culture. I encourage my students to learn Mandarin through online resources by themselves to establish lifelong self-learning habits. 

I am good at connecting Mandarin with English. For example, I teach my students to learn the number of three "三" sounds "san" and think " sandwich" as it has three layers. I encourage my students to practice more to acquire a sensitive tongue movement.  My students are enjoying my teaching.

Teaching Approach

The motivation is very important; individual attention is a key for tutoring; reading loudly practices flexibility and adaptability; encourage students is always good for learning.


I am flexible and easy to adapt to the student's schedule. I am sorry I am not available on Sunday because I am loving to worship Jesus my Lord on Sunday.

Teaching Place(s)

Online or Zoom meeting

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