Ottawa French Language Tutor Ameziane

French Language Tutor Ameziane from Ottawa, ON
Name Ameziane S.Recommended
City Ottawa, ON
Teaching French
Native Language French
Originally From France
Working With Kids, Adults, Groups
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Lessons Take Place Locally, Online
Review Rating
Hourly Rate C$40

10 experience in teaching French Second Language (FSL) in the Federal Government and private schools in Ottawa. Helped more a hundred of them to achieve their training objective with oral, written and comprehension tests.

Education / Certificates
Project and quality management
Professional Experience
Teaching FSL : 10 years Quality management : 5 years Project management: 4 years
Teaching Approach
I have a customized and very effective method that meet my student's needs and suits their learning style. It is based on PFL2.
Available on Sundays from 1 to 6 pm or weekdays from 5:30 to 7:30
Teaching Place(s)
I can teach at my place or at my client's house with additional fees if it is more than 15 minutes far. I can also teach through Viber or google hangouts.
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David P.

1 week ago

Helped me get my levels in French on my first attempt after only a few lessons. Gives real examples and questions that will be asked in the tests and for the oral test provides a great step by step guide on how best to answer the questions in ways that will impress the evaluator. In addition he also provided great study materials such as audio recordings just like the ones you will hear during the exam, which made studying much easier. Highly recommend for anyone looking for extra help with passing the Governments language testing.


Very Patient, Helpful and Encouraging!
3 months ago

I have been taking French language training with Ameziane now for 3 months. My goal was to achieve level BBB on the Federal Government testing. I recognized that this would be a challenge within the timeframe I was allotted. Yani provided me with tailored French lessons almost three times per week that were geared to my specific needs. He always had great lessons prepared and provided me homework after each session. He is extremely patient, helpful and always encouraging. I wrote my both written expression and comprehension tests and successfully attained BB. I attribute my success to hard work and an excellent instructor. I will continue my lessons with Yani. I highly recommend him to others who need French language training. Yani is very dedicated to helping you succeed.

Yuqiao H.

3 months ago

My son French in speaking, grammar and writing have improved a lot just in two month since Yani starting to teach him. Yani is a great teach with perfect French accent and I will recommend him to my friends who are looking for a French tutor.

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