French Language Tutor Ameziane from Ottawa

French Language Tutor Ameziane from Ottawa, ON
Name Ameziane S. Recommended
City Ottawa, ON
Teaching French
Native Language French
Originally From France
Working With Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels I Teach Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Lessons Take Place My Home/Office, Learner's Home, Public Place, Online
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Hourly Rate C$40

+ 10 experience in teaching French Second Language (FSL) in the Federal Government and private schools in Ottawa. Helped over +100 public servant to achieve and sometimes exceed their learning objectives with oral, written and comprehension testing.

Education / Certificates

Bachelor degree in Science

Project Management and quality management postgraduate certificate

Professional Experience

Teaching FSL for 12 years (private school from 2009 to 2014, Federal Governement from 2014 to today).   

Teaching Approach

I have a customized and very effective method that meet my student's needs and that is adapted to their learning style and personality.

I am bilingual ( ECC in English). Can make analogies, translate and explain in English.


My schedule is full for now. Please feel free to contact me for a waiting list.

Teaching Place(s)

I can teach at any place that is convenient and suits my student. I can also teach online.

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10 reviews available.

Olivia P.

Excellent tutoring
1 month ago

Ameziane was super effective in helping me prepare for the government French test. Each session was carefully tailored to help with different themes, and was supplemented with relevant guides, exercises, and homework. The structure really helped me understand where my weak spots were. Ameziane himself was a very kind and supportive tutor; I would wholeheartedly recommend him.

Zoe L.

Excellent, knowledgeable tutor
3 months ago

I got in contact with Améziane when I learned I would require a BBB level on my SLE's for my government position. He is a well-prepared, extremely knowledgeable, understanding and kind teacher with lots of patience. I never felt overwhelmed by my workload, and always ended my sessions feeling more confident. I was able to achieve my BBB levels on my first try. His knowledge and experience with the SLE tests specifically was extremely helpful. I would highly recommend him, and plan to continue working with him to improve my language skills even more.

Lisa M.

Excellent tutor
6 months ago

Excellent tutor for Government of Canada SLE practice and preparation.

Nathie M.

Excellent french tutor
7 months ago

Améziane is a wonderful french tutor. He assessed my daughter’s level and her goals and then developed a rigorous plan to help her learn. He is kind, professional, punctual, and very knowledgeable. He is also an excellent teacher and always comes prepared. She has benefited greatly from his lessons. I would highly recommend him.

Will C.

Excellent, well-paced lessons
10 months ago

I got in touch with Ameziane when I was required to achieve a BBB level on my second-language French proficiency tests. While I had taken French immersion classes as a child, It had been several years since I had a chance to practice. Thanks to Ameziane's comprehensive and well-paced lesson plans as well as his patient approach, I was able to obtain my levels on my first attempt! I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to get their three Bs/Cs or trying to improve their French after a long period of not have the chance to speak it."

Katherine S.

Excellent experience, highly recommend!
1 year ago

I contacted Améziane when I was required to pass the SLE government tests (BBB) and was very rusty with my French. Améziane was organized, efficient and provided me with all of the tools and encouragement in a very short period of time to surpass my requirements (got CCC!). I would have never been able to study so efficiently and improve my French so quickly. He was so helpful in providing information on the right way to study and provide insight on the structure of the tests and it was convenient to meet with him nearby my house. Most highly recommend Améziane for any level of student as he is an excellent teacher!

Carmen C.

1 year ago

In a very short time Ameziane increased my level in French. He is patient, plans are thought out, prepared to work with you, has lessons plans. He is by far the best tutor experience I've had. I would highly recommend him to anyone without a doubt and you not be disappointed. I hope to keep working with him, as his skill level is tremendous to achieve any level you are looking for. Thank you so much for your great service!! Excellent

David P.

1 year ago

Helped me get my levels in French on my first attempt after only a few lessons. Gives real examples and questions that will be asked in the tests and for the oral test provides a great step by step guide on how best to answer the questions in ways that will impress the evaluator. In addition he also provided great study materials such as audio recordings just like the ones you will hear during the exam, which made studying much easier. Highly recommend for anyone looking for extra help with passing the Governments language testing.


Very Patient, Helpful and Encouraging!
1 year ago

I have been taking French language training with Ameziane now for 3 months. My goal was to achieve level BBB on the Federal Government testing. I recognized that this would be a challenge within the timeframe I was allotted. Yani provided me with tailored French lessons almost three times per week that were geared to my specific needs. He always had great lessons prepared and provided me homework after each session. He is extremely patient, helpful and always encouraging. I wrote my both written expression and comprehension tests and successfully attained BB. I attribute my success to hard work and an excellent instructor. I will continue my lessons with Yani. I highly recommend him to others who need French language training. Yani is very dedicated to helping you succeed.

Yuqiao H.

1 year ago

My son French in speaking, grammar and writing have improved a lot just in two month since Yani starting to teach him. Yani is a great teach with perfect French accent and I will recommend him to my friends who are looking for a French tutor.

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