San Diego Spanish and French Language Tutor Laura

Spanish Language Tutor Laura from San Diego, CA
Name Laura D.
City San Diego, CA
Teaching Spanish, French
Native Language English
Lessons Take Place Locally
Hourly Rate $30

Spanish native speaker with a degree from Pepperdine University and two years of tutoring experience

Education / Certificates
I have been speaking Spanish since I was able to talk. My mom is a bilingual elementary school teacher- she taught me how to read and write in Spanish. I began my french education my freshman year of high school. I took it all four years of high school and all four years of college. I studied abroad in Lausanne, Switzerland (the french speaking part) for my entire sophomore year. I was able to communicate with the locals. I traveled to France many times and spoke French. I even used my French in Croatia.
Professional Experience
I worked for Top of the Class tutoring company for two years. I tutored many high school students in Spanish and French. I also tutored privately to two families. I tutored them each for a year.
Teaching Approach
Dependent on the student's level. I have worked with students at all levels. I usually focus on comprehension and communication that the student has on the language.
I am flexible and can easily adapt to the student's schedule as long as prior notice is given.
Teaching Place(s)
At client's home.
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